Video Tip: Try This When A Woman (or Anyone Else) Treats You Badly

So. A woman treats you badly… a coworker gets under your skin… a buddy makes you mad.

Tell me: what do YOU usually do about it?

Do you usually just “take it”… getting “beat up” and coming away feeling like a loser?

If so, guess what: there’s a reason you act like this… like a “doormat”… and it usually has something to do with how you feel about yourself on the INSIDE.

This why I want you to know NOW that there are things you can do — NOW — to START WINNING in both LIFE and LOVE.

See one powerful example in TODAY’S VIDEO TIP. Click “play” to WATCH IT NOW:

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Hey Man,

I recently recorded a standing-room-only live seminar for men with painful, crippling “Inner Game” issues.

In other words: it was for men who basically feel HELPLESS (and HOPELESS) and when it comes confronting and handling LIFE’S BIG ISSUES.

Issues like success with women, naturally.

But also, issues like how to TAKE CONTROL in life in GENERAL… in EVERY area… from dealing with friends and family to making career choices.

It was an AMAZING day with mind-blowing breakthroughs all around, and I couldn’t be more proud.

But here’s the part I want to share with you…

I brought in a VERY SPECIAL GUEST for the live seminar that day.

His name is Dr. Paul, and in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, he’s the definition of the words “INNER GAME EXPERT.”

He’s a world-class psychiatrist who’s been profiled on CNN… USA Today… The Wall Street Journal… you name it. Basically the ultimate authority when it comes to mastering your “inner game.”

Dr. Paul and I got to talking that day about situations where guys find themselves being mistreated by another person.

It could be a woman they just approached… a boss… a coworker… a buddy or family member.

Again… whatever.

In every case, every man in the room felt like YES… they’d been HURT, USED, or TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF in life… and that they desperately wanted to learn how to START COMING OUT ON TOP in these situations.

That’s when Dr. Paul shared his famous, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN way to take back CONTROL and “win every time” when someone mistreats you.

I mean, this one’s literally THE BOMB.

It’s guaranteed to work on ANYONE — in ANY scenario — to make you feel CONFIDENT, IN- CONTROL, and like a WINNER when someone treats you badly.

You’ve got to hear what Dr. Paul has to say… it’s an EXTREMELY powerful, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN way for guys with “inner game” issues to start turning things around!

Check it out here:

Your friend,

David D.

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