==>> The Good Content Code

  • The content creation process in action: Research, Write, Optimize, Promote and Analyse

  • Why good content is important and why you need to have lots of it on your website
  • Why just copying and pasting printed content onto the web is a recipe for DISASTER
  • Why you need to understand your reader (most people skip this bit. But get this wrong and you might as well just give up and go home.)
  • Why Search Engine Optimisation can be Stupidly Easy Optimisation
  • How to become an unstoppable Idea Generation Machine (batteries not included)
  • Why there are only 17 things you need to know about writing great copy for the web
  • How you can write brilliant headlines that catch the eye and tempt the click
  • Why there might be 28 article types that you’re not yet using to attract readers
  • Why you should never blindly trust your spell checker
  • And why NOT telling people about your content is the biggest crime a content creator can commit

Forget what you’ve heard. Content isn’t king.

Content + Delivery + Presentation + Marketing is now king.

This is what The Good Content Code is all about. It’s about understanding WHAT to write, HOW best to write it, HOW to polish it and HOW to let people know that it’s there.

It’s 114 pages of tip-crammed ebook yanked from the brain of Good Content Company founder (and long-time freelance writer) Dean Evans. Handily, it’s published as a PDF file so you can read it on a PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire (and other competing tablets), even your smartphone.

You’ve got nothing to lose either. The Good Content Code comes with a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee so you can try it and read it RISK-FREE for 60 days.

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P.SThe Good Content Code shows you how to create content that people want to read. Good content drives traffic. Good content projects authority. Good content builds trust. It’s not rocket science. I might play around with a spaceship analogy somewhere, but that’s really as rockety as this ebook gets.

P.P.S – This isn’t just a publish-and-forget ebook on my part either. Got any questions about writing? I’ll answer them for you. Want me to take a look at something you’ve written? Sure thing. Fire it over! Click ‘Add to Cart’ above, grab the book and get in touch.