The Art of Female Fellatio

The Art of Female Fellatio

I am going to refrain from using the usual idioms and slang terms, and simply refer to oral sex gratification for her as female fellatio. I have had a few people ask me about performing oral sex to stimulate her, or as some people say, female fellatio.

This is only a guide, as I have learned over the years, all women are different. The best way to begin is with communication. She knows what it is that she likes, and this will save you both from enduring mistakes that are not enjoyable for either of you. The ultimate goal, of course, is an orgasm, however, there is a lot of pleasure to be had along the way, so take your time and enjoy yourselves.

Too many guides will tell you to use your whole face, and use your fingers. As with any new technique you are using, be aware of your partner making any movements, and or sounds that let you know you are on the right track.netflex

I always begin with straight out licking. I begin at the bottom of her vagina, and using a little more than the tip of my tongue, extend all the way to the top. Use this time to make sure that you are both comfortable with the positions that you are in. Now is a great time to determine is either one of you would like a pillow. Once you know that you both are comfortable begin seeking out her “special” place. This is the spot where once you tongue slides over it once, she is ready. And there is no mistaking this!!

Use the tip of your tongue to explore everywhere to find this spot. Try not to concentrate in one position. Yes, most women enjoy feeling your tongue entering her, but it is probably not going to make her orgasm. More often then not, the spot is the clitoris or somewhere very close to it. Now that you have found it, use broad strokes with your tongue to generate tension.

Teasing is a good thing. By beginning with broad strokes, moving onto the tip of the tongue, and sucking gently are great ways to keep her guessing which move will be next. As you continue the teasing you will see or hear that she is responding more to certain movements. When you both are ready for the orgasm, continue more with the move(s) that generate the most interest. During the teasing, use of the fingers can bring about an added feeling of excitement for some. Try not to do anything different here, if you have used your fingers before stay with the same technique, and see if this adds or detracts from the ultimate pleasure you are giving her.netflex

I am not trying to give you too much to do at once, however, there can be so much more to the teasing stages then simply trying to find the spot. Use the time for the kissing, licking and light nipping of the inner thighs, keeping her questing what you will do next will keep her anticipating what you are to do. If it is possible and she would like it, use your hands to caress her breasts.

This is the time when you really need to be aware of her response to you. There may be a time when she would like the sucking/licking movement at once. It may be that she moves her hips in at attempt to be closer or further from you. Listen to anything that she says, and respond to what she wants. Let her move if she needs to. If she prefers to use her hands to guide, allow this. No one knows better than she, what it is she is looking for.netflex

She knows what it will take to orgasm, and she will make sure that you know what it is that you need to do. Remember for an act performed at this level of intimacy requires communication on both sides. If you can not take the time to find out what she needs, chances are she will not be pleased with the result.

And remember…keep it enjoyable!