second base dating

Alright, I must say kudos for your first date! If you’re reading this, you certainly had a victorious date and you’ve adopted the first date tips for boys… I assume. You made quite an impression on her didn’t you? Well don’t get overly cocky on this, even if you had a great connection that doesn’t mean you don’t have to continue to the next steps. So get ready for the second date tips for boys. I  trust that there’s no such thing as a science for the first date or second date but through the learning process you can evolve in this relationship and it will be faster if you consider these advices:
Know her. Yes, get nearer physical as well, but concurrently try to get to know her better, see what she likes, discover things you have in common. While you get to know her increasingly have more physical contact as well. See how she reacts when you take her hand. This way you tell her being a potential kiss will come, and she’ll begin to feel comfy about it. Don’t be rough, just keep being yourself. If she likes you, she’ll definitely want the kiss, but she has to feel cosy first. Life is filled with paradoxes so you can expect she kisses you before you even attempt or she rejects you when your mouths draw upon. Try to pay attention to her and there shouldn’t be too many surprises.
Find the best spot. If the first date was in a typical restaurant, the second date must be more interactive. It’s better that you don’t take her to a film or Opera. Surprise is critical in maintaining involvement between you two so if the first date was more conventional try to make your second date informal. Play a game with her, or go skating together. There are plenty of alternatives. But be certain to have the right comfortable surroundings as well. A place to sit down would be perfect to build up that comfort level… perhaps you’ll kiss her for the first time right there (unless you kissed her on the first date… ahem, okay this will be the first make-out session then).
Continue to have fun. If you had fun the first date when you were both nervous and didn’t know each other at all, this time you should be laughing out loud the whole time (ok, not that much, but you get the idea). You might not kiss her this time but you can certainly have lots of fun.
One of the greatest second date tips is this: try to plan the 3rd date right now when you’re having fun with her based on what you have in common. Do it together, and if she accepts she’s likely considering already you’re her next partner. And don’t forget, if the second date goes fine, you have to make a really dumb thing to lose her now. So the chances are on your side. But I’m confident you’ll do just fine. Have a nice second date!