If there is nowhere your child would rather be than the batter’s box then this incredibly colorful theme is just what you are looking for! Give your child a ball park that can be used any time day or night, rain or shine. A dug out that houses a bed, a mural of the outfield, and their very own home plate will amuse your child and his or her guests for hours on end. Never again say the words, “No playing ball in the house.” Once you have completed this baseball themed room your child can safely play ball anytime.

Build a simple dug out by fastening together three pieces of plywood and attaching to the wall. Paint with home team colors and slide the bed inside the dug out. This disguises the bed so that it does not detract from the theme of the room. It also adds a personal touch that will relax your child and increase their enjoyment of the room.

Next you will need to paint the remaining wall space. For this project you will need to hire an artist if you are not artistically inclined. On one wall you will be painting an outfield scene and on another you will be painting the bleachers. If you do not have a fourth large wall save room in the outfield for a scoreboard. Create your scoreboard by using chalkboard paint. Paint a 3′ X 4′ area on the wall with chalkboard paint, then use white paint to decorate this area to look like a scoreboard. This will give your child a realistic place to keep score for the many games sure to be held here.

Use a white area rug to create home plate. Situate the area rug so that the batter will face the outfield just like in a real baseball game. This will create the illusion of a truly being in a ball park. The area rug will protect you floors as well.

Any scuffs that may be caused by missed swings will be prevented and if the action get a little wild the area rug will help to absorb the sound.

Of course you do not want your child playing ball in the house with a real ball and bat, as an accessory get a soft set that will not do damage to your walls or windows. If your child is small you may want to invest in a tee ball stand as well. These will double as accessories and toys, because they will match your theme and be useful. You could use the whole room as a birthday or Christmas surprise and invite a couple of friends for a sleepover. Your child and his or her guests will be amazed.

This amazing design may be slightly expensive, but it is worth every dime. This colorful theme will brighten every morning for your child. Give your child a place to learn and grow through a sport they dearly love. A room like this can inspire a child to reach for their goals, so encourage your child by giving their dreams a chance.