cajun pua

You’ll just have the ability to see novice PUAs in the field (rAFCs).

Good PUAs will constantlyshow up to just be naturals. Plus you will not ever capture them making use of word-for-word routines because when you get good you understand they all suck, so you will not spot them utilizing product you’ve seen before.

It excels to have a strategy, like “Ok, I’ll open, after that drop some kino, after that DHV, then neg, after that build comfort”… excellent PUAs constantly have a plan. Nonetheless, the real product itself (lines, and so on) is all done unscripted in the area and are totally situational (like negging the top she has on as opposed to making use of a tinned “your nose shakes” neg).

This is why we rarely (if ever) teach word-for-word regimens and tinned openers right here at the PP. As an alternative we merely provide some respectable instances for exhibition purposes after that tell you to come up with something like it. Our examples aren’t meant to be copied and inserted in to collections, just to reveal you exactly how it can be done so you much better comprehend what we are educating.

We are attempting to actually CONSTRUCT our readers in to real PUAs … not simply excite them with the coolest routines that we could consider like many of the various other masters do. When a guy just uses the same cookie-cutter routine repeatedly, he isn’t really a PUA. He hasn’t already established any type of skill, he’s simply some guy with a great line.

Here’s a great quote that I just developed:

“What defines a true PUA? If a man gets blackout and fails to remember every one of the material he’s found out, yet could still improve like a champ. That’s a PUA. He’s developed abilities, and capabilities aren’t neglected, they’re practices.” – TP


This write-up was initial released on the Temptation College Forums.

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