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The Mystery Method Book is very straight forward and well presented guide on how to meet a women anywhere. The Mystery Method Book uses powerful science behind its seduction techniques; the game by Neil Strauss was where the Mystery Method Book made its name. Mystery himself was a magician in clubs and venues, it was in these locations were he developed and tested his art of seduction using social tactics to get women.

The Mystery Method Book uses the phrase “value” to illustrate the advantage of aligning with a person or group of people with the possibility of improving social stature (Survival value) and reproductive chances (reproductive value). An alpha male poses a potential threat to any other males’ S&R value, where a hot woman possesses a high reproductive value.

According to the Mystery Method Book, women assess likely mates first and foremost in terms of the Survival value they offer, while men evaluate potential mates on the conditions of their reproduction value.

The mystery Method Book is responsible for quite a few of the terms used in art of seductions, these terms include, the three second rule, peacocking, indicators of interest and disinterest and terms of resistance. The Mystery Method Book is now available online for purchase, a number of other services such as training course and videos are also available.

A lot of the moves explained in the Mystery Method Book are excellent for anyone reading it who wants to show high value to any potential mates. There are a few examples of this, there are story with hidden “value” points, showing little emotion when around “marks” (aka Women). Such processes, as well as a few others will be taught as part of the M3 Model

Therefore the Mystery Method Book has solid foundations as long as the person using it has strong self confidence.

Those who work the system normally think it’s better to have the assumption that a woman is attracted to you and not to fall into the trap of thinking she is higher in value. When you are in this mind set you will find that your confidence is giving out the right signals that you are on an equal or higher value than she is.

Get the Mystery Method Book and learn how easy seducing women is when you have the proper mindset.

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