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==>> Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide & Video Guide – Hots

Starcraft 2 Grandmaster Profile

Shokz Guide Author

I’m Shokz. A top 10 ranked Grandmaster player. I enjoy helping others get better at Starcraft!

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About the Guide

The Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide is your complete guide to mastering Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. Climb your way up the ladder by learning from me, top 10 ranked Grandmaster player- Shokz. My in-depth guide will teach you how to master the unique playstyle of each race, (Terran, Protoss, and Zerg), which strategic build-orders to use and why, effective scouting and early harassment techniques, tips to increase your APM and much more. We are adding new Heart of the Swarm guides and strategies every day.

The Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide will teach you how to size up and shut down any opponent in any situation. The Shokz Guide demonstrates top strategies used by the pros so you can learn how to micro and macro like a Grandmaster player and earn your way to top ranked Masters.

Starcraft 2 Grand Master Guide

Along with showing you the ins-and-outs of all three races and professional-level strategies, the Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide comes with a complete campaign walkthrough, featuring step-by-step instructions that will help you unlock single-player achievements and prepare you for ladder.

Micro and Macro

Learning to Micro and Macro is what sets copper players apart from the diamond players. Our guide will take your Micro and Macro game to Master status while learning the hot keys and how to control your units. View Profile

To the next Level

The Shokz Protoss Guide will teach you the top strategies while playing as Protoss to advance your skill enough to compete with Grandmaster level players. Learning how to use each unit in every situation is what will set you apart from other Protoss players. Combine a solid understanding of Protoss basics with correct micro and macro and your game will reach levels it’s never been to before.

Protoss vs…

Protoss Icon

It doesn’t matter if you play 1v1 or 4v4 knowing how to counter each race will give you the advantage in any game. Learning how and when to scout will increase your chances of knowing what unit build to go to lead you to victory.

Protoss Build Orders

Our Protoss build order guides will teach you the build orders used by Starcraft 2 Pros for the top strategies in the game. If you are going a Void Ray rush or just a standard opening build you will learn how to quickly and efficiently go use the top build orders to carry you to victory in each match.

Wining with Protoss

Protoss players have many abilities in their arsenal and knowing how to use all each effectively can mean the difference between a Win and a Loss. My Protoss guide will teach you every aspect of the race from pro builds to force fielding so you’ll never be at a loss for an effective strategy.

Zerg Build Orders

In order to master Zerg and macro like a Pro Starcraft 2 player you must learn the top Zerg build orders. Learn how to start each game and how to evolve into each strategy with the Build orders used by the Pros.

The Swarm of the Zerg

Zerg is one of the more difficult races for players to learn, although once learned the Zerg can be the most powerful race in the game. The Zerg have a variety of ways to attack from quick Zerglings to the powerful Ultralisk knowing how to counter your opponent is key.

Knowing your Opponent

Zerg Icon

As Zerg you control the Macro of the game, although knowing when to hit and what units to get in each game can determine the out come of every one of your games. The Zerg Guide teaches you how counter every build and the Zerg strategies used by pro Starcraft 2 players.

Zerg Swarm Host Guide

Heart of the Swarm Viper Guide

Video guide covering the new Zerg unit, the Viper. We cover every unit teaching you their skills and how to use them in battle.

Playing 2v2, 3v3, 4v4

Playing with teammates online in Starcraft 2 is an entirely different experience then playing alone. You not only have to have think about what you are doing, but what your allies are up to, as well. Learning how to play and plan together and knowing what group-strategies work is essential in achieving an allied victory.

The Shokz Starcraft 2 Multiplayer Guide will teach you how to optimize your play and integrate it seamlessly with your teammates efforts.

Starcraft 2 Unit Guides

Our in-depth unit guides break down each unit teaching you how and when to use each unit. Learn what each unit can counter and how to counter every unit in the game. Each unit guide teaches you strategies on how to use that unit when facing each race, along with the top pro strategies to use for every unit in the game.

Top Rank Ladders

Reaching top-rank in the Starcraft 2 ladder is a serious undertaking and every player online is gunning for the #1 spot. The Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide will give you every trick in the book to help you improve your game and earn that coveted #1 rank spot with any race.

Guide Quality

Every Strategy and Guide is written to the highest quality and the Starcraft 2 Campaign guide is no exception. The Campaign guide is broken down by missions with details for every aspect of that mission along with how to earn all the Achievements from the mission. Free WoL Campaign Videos

Heart of the Swarm Campaign Guide

Heart of the Swarm Campaign

The Starcraft 2 Guide has an in depth walkthrough of the single player campaign. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for all 26 missions, with screenshots and videos as we guide you through the new HotS and WoL Campaigns.

Starcraft 2 Brutal Campaign

Starcraft 2 Brutal Campaign

The Shokz Starcraft 2 Campaign guide has commentated video walkthroughs for each mission under Brutal difficulty, helping players achieve the elite status of beating the campaign under Brutal. Each mission under Brutal is laid out with detailed maps and videos explaining the best way to beat each mission and gain all the achievements.

Free Updates for both Expansions

Legacy of the Void is the upcoming expansion for Starcraft 2, each will introduce a new campaign where you play as Protoss. All Shokz Guide members will receive access to FREE updates to the Legacy of the Void expansion campaign.

Shokz StarCraft 2 top 16 ranked Grandmaster

Terran Guide

Terran Guide

The Terran Guide provides game changing strategies to take your game to the next level. From early Marine Marauder push to Thors and Battleships you will learn how to react in every situation.

Protoss Guide

Protoss Guide

The Protoss Guide will elevate your game, providing you the knowledge and skill to play against’s elite. Learn how to attack and how to counter while playing Protoss.

Zerg Guide

Zerg Guide

From Zergling rush to Mutalisks, the Zerg is a complex race which when mastered can be the most powerful in the game. The Zerg guide teaches you the top strategies and build orders to control the game as Zerg.

Campaign Guide

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Campaign Guide

Play through the campaign with our step-by-step campaign walkthrough. The Campaign guide walks you through the campaign from start to finish with in-depth detail and screenshots.

Map Editor Guides

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Guide

Starcraft 2 has the most advanced map editor Blizzard has made, providing you the ability to make some of the best custom maps around. Start creating simple to complex maps to enjoy online with friends.

Member Videos

Shokz Guide Member Videos

Many of our guides have detailed videos explaining the strategies and the mindset behind the guide. Watch and listen as Shokz breaks down the guide in a detailed video.

  • HotS Guides
  • Terran Guides
  • Protoss Guides
  • Zerg Guides
  • Campaign Guide
  • FFA and Team Guides
  • Unit Guides
  • Map Editor Guide
  • Video Guides
  • Build Orders
  • Misc. Guides
  • Strategy Guides
  • No Hacks or Exploits
  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Free Updates

View more testimonials

Guide Quality

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased your guide, but the quality is top notch. The videos and screenshots in the strategies help a lot.

Brian: Platinum League

Guide Review

The Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide has set a new standard for guides with quality and content, making it the top Starcraft 2 guide available.

Review by

Getting Confident

I’ve been using the Terran build orders and some strategies and yesterday I reached #1 in diamond. Just wanted to say “thanks” ..

Alex: Silver League

Starcraft 2 Guide

Instant Access

Once you have purchased the guide you will then be able to log into our members area and access the Starcraft 2 Guide and all the member content. All members are able to come back at anytime and download any new updates to the guides for free.

Shokz Guide is now on sale for $37.00 $17.00

This is a one time fee, there are no monthly membership fees and you get access to our daily updates for life!

Download Starcraft 2 Guide

Once you have paid for the guide you will be able to access the members area and download the Starcraft 2 Guide immediately. You will also be emailed your membership details so you may login to the members area and access all the member content at any time.

==>> Diablo 3 Gold Secrets By Tony Sanders

WARNING: Everyone Will Insist on Wanting to Know Your Secret!

Dear Future Diablo 3 Gold Tycoon,

f you’re sick and tired of running around totally broke while other players level up quickly, get the best weapons and buy to their hearts desire at the auction houses, then this information is for you.

You’ve probably always wondered why you can’t seem to make as much gold or level up as fast as the other players in the game.

I used to wonder the same thing. I thought,

“How are these people making gold so fast?”

“Are they buying it at the Auction Houses?”

“What are they doing, Chinese Farming 24/7?”

I was puzzled, so I set out to spy on all the successful players I could find to see just what they did to earn all of their gold and to level up so fast.

I spent months using stealth tactics to track high level players everywhere from the forums to stalking following them around the game.

I discovered just what it was they were doing to make extreme amounts of gold- and then improved upon their methods myself and even created amazingly profitable new techniques.

They never suspected a thing, that is, until I started making more gold than all of them…If they found out that I spied on them- they would hate me even more!

I didn’t just spy on other players, but I interrogated them as well. Any time I saw wealthy players I would add them as a friend and strike up a conversation so I could learn all their secrets for myself.

The most common reaction from these players was to laugh about how easy it was to make gold and how stupid people were for not doing it too. Most of them wouldn’t tell me their secrets, but slowly a few of them started to crack and let me have little tips about what they were doing.

Their strategies were so stupidly simple I was amazed I hadn’t thought of them first, many of them made gold by doing very simple things at the beginning of every game!

Many of them had “secret” techniques to dominate the game by going to certain areas and even doing some unmentionable things…

(If you’re like me you’re going to freak out once you learn these techniques!)

And these guys were always able to afford everything and never needed to sell off their assets for gold. They always just knew what to do to have the edge in the game (Believe me, it’s not what you think!)

Since I’ve first discovered these secrets, I’ve spent 3 months improving on them, tweaking them, creating my own, and tossing out the ones that no longer work.

I now have Level 60 characters, in all 5 classes, maxed out the weapons and armors, hoarding tons of gold and just basically dominating the game. In fact, I used to share my character info right here on this page so I could talk to other gamers like you.

In a matter of days, I was getting thousands of e-mails and game adds from total strangers, all begging me to show them how I did it. I was like a Diablo 3 rock star… everyone wanted to know my secrets! Things got so crazy, it was totally out of control. Even more amazing…

When I started sharing these secrets, I had no idea just how incredibly mad it was going to make the other Diablo 3 gold tycoons. I soon found out…

Since first publishing these strategies, I’ve had my account attacked, been sent hundreds of viruses and trojans (actually this happens pretty much daily) and the corrupt players even pressured the biggest strategy sites to pull all my links!

Frankly, it’s extremely dangerous for me to even reveal these secrets anymore – these guys have just lost the plot and are doing everything they can to stop me and make my life totally miserable!

But I won’t quit that easily.

I came up with a solution that would allow me to do what I love (play Diablo 3) and still share this information.

I know there are millions of players who are frustrated by their inability to own their perfect character. I feel for them because they are exactly where I used to be – broke and frustrated, ready to quit.

I want to give back to the players and the community that’s been so good to me…

That’s why I created the:

This is the original best-selling guide for Diablo 3 that has been in publication for several months with THOUSANDS of copies in the hands of Diablo 3 lovers just like you.

In this exclusive and detailed guide (PDF format) I lay out all the gold secrets I’ve discovered in my entire time playing Diablo 3.

I hold absolutely nothing back! These are the same secret tactics that have made me millions of gold and ‘pimped out’ my character with ease and made me the number one target of the “corrupt” for releasing them.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen other guides for sale for Diablo 3. Sad to say, I’ve purchased all of them and they are nothing but filler with minimal tips in between.

And I’m guessing if you’ve played Diablo 3 for more than a day or two you don’t need a guide to tell you how to sign up for the game or the visual difference between a barbarian and demon hunter, right?

Then why waste your hard-earned gold on a big guide that is full of fluff?

Even worse, many guides provide tips or “cheats” (which are actually hacks) that will get your account banned. My strategies are 100% game legal, will not get you banned and never use any sort of third-party software, bots or hacks.

I’ll also NEVER ask for any sort of account information from you- giving that out is a quick way to get your account stolen! Can you believe some guide sellers actually ask for that stuff?

Don’t fall for those scams!

In the “Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide”, I’ve kept the information compact for your benefit. There is no filler, fluff or space wasted- just all the strategies and tactics you can use to grow your character and maximize all your weapons as fast as possible!

Ever wonder why only a few people seem to have ‘pimped out’ characters?

Now YOU can become one of the few as I take you by the hand and guide you page by page as you learn these killer strategies…

When You Get Your Copy of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide Today, Here are Just Some of the Things You Will Learn:

You too can now have more gold to:

Unlike other guides out there, I’m not going to ask you to just blindly trust me. I know that you will appreciate what other gamers just like yourself say about these killer tactics.

[embedded content]

Opal Jones


[embedded content]

Tommy Marciano


[embedded content]

Rajeev Desilva


Here’s your chance to get all of the tips, strategies and hints that the top Diablo 3 Pros and Gosus are using out there. This must be shared! It’s unfair to have them hog all the best items to themselves and you learn it all in these guides.

Maybe you’re still skeptical, and I understand that. I was like you once and I know what it’s like to be the most undesirable team mate on a team where nobody wants you to join their party.

The good news is that you can be using these powerful tactics as early as right now, and best of all, it is totally risk-free.

Here’s my amazing guarantee to you: 

Remember, I only reveal strategies that are totally legal and allowed and will never get you banned or require third-party programs, bots or illegal game hacks. Is losing your account and all your hard work worth trying to scam some miserable little gold? I didn’t think so…

Don’t use other strategies and hacks that will get your account banned.

Don’t waste your hard-earned gold buying Diablo 3 gold, get it FREE!

Don’t run around poor because you don’t know these simple secrets!

Don’t buy guides that require your account information after you order (these are all scams!)

Still, there are some people who should definitely not use my guide. While most people will benefit in a huge way…

*You prefer to struggle to SLOWLY level up your characters.

*You like to risk your account by using illegal bots, hacks and cheats.

*You want to waste money on unproven and untested guides.

*You prefer spending hundreds of dollars earning a pathetic amount of gold.

Note: When you learn these gold secrets you are truly going to be able to generate gold “on-demand”. However, making such large amounts of gold can be a “mixed blessing” if you aren’t careful.

You’ll probably find that even more players will beg you for gold and you may upgrade your gear so fast that you will be hounded by other players to join them on their Inferno farming runs. It may even be tough to focus on your job or classes because you’ll be constantly wondering how much gold you made the night before!

Thousands of Diablo 3 gamers have used my secrets for many months. If you don’t grab your copy of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide today, the only question you’ll have to ask yourself is, “how much time have I wasted and how much gold have I missed out on and where could I be if I had used this guide?”

If you’re investing your time and gold to play Diablo 3, don’t you deserve to enjoy it as much as possible?

Don’t let the chance to become the biggest, best new player in Diablo 3 around to pass you by. I’m not kidding when I say this is going to go up, and then there are the other people who will be swooping in to make their characters the top of the line. Act now and become the dominant player you’ve always dreamed of being. This is your chance to shine!

YES! Sign me up NOW, Tony! I’m ready to accelerate and explode the amount of gold I make in Diablo 3 today! I realize that the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets guide is the fastest way to do it.

I understand that:

I am Guaranteed One Copy of the few available copies of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide for just $97 $47 $27!

My order will be immediately processed and I will have instant access to the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide just moments from now.

I will receive all updates to the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets guide as they are released totally free of charge.

As Diablo 3 continues to change and is updated, I will also get all of the latest and greatest guide updates with new techniques and strategies at no additional cost.

The techniques revealed in this guide are top secret and must not be revealed to anyone else. So I promise I will not reveal, disclose or allow unauthorized access to this site.

My guide purchase is entirely Risk-Free and is backed by a
60-Day Guarantee as listed above.

Click the button below to get your Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide now
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I know you are going to make a lot of Diablo 3 gold if you follow the tips in this guide. Quit struggling and running poor… and get started today!

To Your Diablo 3 Gold Success,

Tony ‘T Dub’ Sanders

P.S. Other top Diablo 3 players and gold sellers are not happy I’m making this available. For my own safety I may have to stop selling this report at any moment. Today is your opportunity to get this guide now while it’s still available.

P.P.S Many have already profited from my guide, but with the MILLIONS of new people playing Diablo 3, now is your chance to use these strategies before everyone else finds out about them!

P.P.P.S Don’t forget – if you order Diablo 3 Gold Secrets today, the ultimate guide to mastering every aspect of the biggest new game, you’ll receive my 60 day, risk-free gold back guarantee. Don’t worry about a thing other than getting the most gold out of the game.


Yes, Show Me the Members Area Now!





Diablo Gold Secrets   |   Affiliate   |   Contact

==>> The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution

What Is The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution?

The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program was created out the need of my clients because there is NO good exercise information available for hypothyroidism sufferers.

In fact, 99% of the exercise information found online will only cause damage to your thyroid and metabolism.

This isn’t about just explaining the science behind exercise and hypothyroidism, leaving you with no clue where to even begin. This is designed specifically for people just like you who want real answers and a real solution.

This is the most complete, most comprehensive, and ONLY exercise program designed specifically to address and overcome the inherent issues associated with exercise and hypothyroidism.

And the best part is that you can get started today in the matter of minutes because the entire program is available online.

The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program consists of a 3 Phase Progressive Exercise System designed for people of any age or exercise experience.

Remember…  Exercising with hypothyroidism is about exercising Smarter, NOT longer or harder. That’s why these workouts are designed to be short yet highly efficient and effective, taking less than 30 minutes, 3 times per week.

Warning! This Is Not A Quick Fix Weight Loss Gimmick Or Magic Pill or Powder

If you know me then you know that I do NOT recommend quick fix weight loss gimmicks or the ridiculously unscientific claims that they use to promote their products. If you understand real science and physiology then it’s easy to see that they simply don’t work in the long run.

The truth is that quick fix weight loss solutions (whether they be diet or exercise based) work by hijacking and taking advantage of your hormones in a very dangerous, unhealthy, and thyroid suppressive way.

They work by trying to trick your body into breaking down your own healthy tissue to use as energy. Sure, they want you to believe that you’re burning lots of fat…

But the truth is that you’re:

  • Damaging Your Metabolism
  • Suppressing Your Thyroid
  • Wasting Healthy Muscle Tissue
  • Damaging Healthy Organs
  • Increasing Bone Loss
  • Driving Systemic Inflammation
  • Suppressing Your Immune System
  • And The List Goes On And On…

Trust Me, It’s Not Your Fault

Sure, you can go talk to your doctor or just about any other so-called “expert” out there and you’ll probably hear the same bad advice… (Most people believe that this makes sense but when you understand the physiology, it doesn’t make any sense at all!)

Eat Less and Exercise More???   (WRONG!)

Any heaven forbid you tell anyone that exercise only makes you more exhausted because they just look at you like you’re some lazy person who is just making excuses.

You need to understand this…

Hypothyroidism sufferers don’t store fuel properly in their liver and muscles like a healthy human body does. And exercise causes your body to use fuel faster.

So, eating less means that you’re getting even less fuel and exercising more means that you’re using up what little fuel you do have available faster. When you run out of fuel, that’s when your thyroid and metabolism become damaged.

If you continue to do this to your body, then your health quickly becomes a disaster waiting to happen.

Doesn’t it make much more sense, that if you want to increase your energy levels and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, that you must stop this unhealthy process, improve your thyroid function, and maximize your metabolism?

That’s exactly what my Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program is designed to do.

Here’s What You Get Today…

1. Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program Manual

This Program Manual is going to be your guide to showing you exactly how to stop damaging your thyroid and metabolism with exercise and how to start exercising to improve your thyroid health and function.

The truth is that almost all forms of exercise, including those heralded as “heart healthy”, are very effective at suppressing your thyroid. Unfortunately, 99 percent of all people who exercise are doing their thyroid a great disservice.

In This Program Manual You’ll Discover…

  • The Only Safe and Effective Way To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism and Keep It Off…
  • Why Eating Less and Exercising More Will Only Cause More Damage to Your Thyroid and Cause More Long Term Weight Gain…
  • Why Cardio-Based Exercise Is the Worst Way to Burn Calories and Lose Weight…
  • Why All Fad Diets From the Atkins Diet to Weight Watchers Damage Your Thyroid…
  • My 5 Best Dietary Weight Loss Tips…
  • The Secret of How to Exercise With Hypothyroidism Without Damaging Your Thyroid…
  • The 4 Most Important Nutrients Your Thyroid Needs During Exercise…
  • The Most Optimal and Most Effective Workout Drink That Is Essential To Your Success
  • And So Much More…

2. Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Mobility Warm-Ups

Properly warming-up and preparing your body, muscles, and joints for exercise is essential for protecting you from the thyroid suppressing stress of exercise, minimizing your risk of injury, and improving your body’s ability to properly recover from your workouts, making every single workout more efficient and effective.

You Get the Full Detailed Color Warm-Up Manual and the High Definition Follow Along Warm-Up Video

  • You’ll Discover the Simple Yet Highly Effective 12 Step Mobility Warm-Up Process to Make Your Workouts 10X More Effective…
  • You’ll Also Discover How to Safely Eliminate the Aches and Pains That Are Slowing You Down In Life…

3. Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Phase 1 Workouts

In Phase 1 we focus on laying the proper foundation for future exercise phases. By doing this, we are effectively preparing the body from the ground up for more advanced and more strenuous exercises to ensure that your thyroid stays protected.

You Get the Full Detailed Color Warm-Up Manual and 2 High Definition Follow Along Workout Videos

  • You’ll Discover How to Activate Key Muscles to Prevent Unnecessary Stress On Your Body 24/7…
  • You’ll Also Discover How to Integrate Specific Key Movement Patterns That Will Be Progressed In Later Phases…

4. Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Phase 2 Workouts

In Phase 2 we focus on building upon and progressing your exercise foundation. We do this by focusing on exercises that functionally carry over into your everyday life, which helps your body to adapt and produce energy more efficiently all day long.

You Get the Full Detailed Color Warm-Up Manual and 2 High Definition Follow Along Workout Videos

  • You’ll Discover How to Progress Your Workouts While Ultimately Protecting Your Thyroid…

5. Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Phase 3 Workouts

In Phase 3 we focus on teaching your body how to properly generate the energy you need to get you through the day while doing it in a manner that protects your thyroid and promotes healthy energy production.

You Get the Full Detailed Color Warm-Up Manual and 2 High Definition Follow Along Workout Videos

  • You’ll Discover How to Increase Your Fuel Reserves to Get Your Body Producing Energy Far More Efficiently…

If You Don’t Know Me Yet, Let Me Introduce Myself

Tom Brimeyer M.S.

Functional Medicine Practitioner
Author on Nutrition & Hormones


My name is Tom Brimeyer and I am a practitioner of functional medicine and health researcher and I have been lucky enough to study with and learn from some of the most widely sought after and knowledgeable doctors, health practitioners, and health researchers in the world.

You May Know Me As The Author Of The Hypothyroidism Revolution… My Popular And Revolutionary Diet-Based Approach To Hypothyroidism That Has Already Helped Thousands Of People Take Control Of Their Health.

But You May Not Know That In My Health Studies, I’ve Also Had The Opportunity To Study With Some Of The Most Brilliant Minds In The Fields Of Exercise Science and Manual Therapy. I’ve Studied Exercise and Rehabilitation At The World Renowned CHEK Institute  As Well As Receiving In Depth Hands On Training From The Famous Paul St. John’s Clinic Of Neuromuscular Therapy.

And As of Today, I Have Helped More Than 7,200 People Across 51 Countries Around the World Overcome Chronic Health Problems…

Now I have made it my personal mission to inspire and educate more than 1 Million people to take control and achieve true health by finding and fixing the underlying cause of their health problems instead of being stuck relying on prescription drugs that merely cover up their symptoms while their health continues to suffer.

And as I continue to grow my work and practice to reach more and more people, I look forward to being a major contributor to igniting what I consider to be the inevitable coming of the Health Revolution. I believe that a much needed radical shift in our mindset and understanding of health is in the making. And I want you to join me.

Every Day I Receive Emails Just Like These…

Who This Program Is NOT For…

First, let me be VERY clear about this. This isn’t some sort of quick fix weight loss gimmick.

If you’re one of those people who would willingly flush your own health down the toilet because your idea of healthy is looking like some anorexic supermodel within 30 days or less, then this is definitely NOT for you.

If that’s what you are looking for then we might as well say our goodbyes and part ways right now because I don’t believe in sacrificing health for vanity.

What I do believe in is showing you how to improve your energy levels and the way your body looks as a result of improving thyroid function and becoming healthier.

What I have to give you is ONLY for those who are truly dedicated to their health and overcoming hypothyroidism.

If You Are Serious About Your Health Then I Want To Give You These Bonuses Today

Bonus #1 – My Exercise Supplement Guide

There are some specific supplements that you can use to your advantage with exercise to provide another layer of protection for your thyroid. I not only want to show you these supplements, I want to show you how to effectively incorporate them into your workout routine for even better and faster results.

I don’t recommend those gimmicky and over-hyped exercise supplements that can actually cause more harm than good. This is NOT about some magical protein powder or green drink.

These are unlike any other supplements that you have seen or used before. But many have been used by Olympic Athletes to improve performance and energy production when peak performance is a must.

You’ll even be surprised at how inexpensive these supplements are.

  • You’ll Discover the 5 Most Important Supplements That Help Protect Your Thyroid and Boost Your Metabolism When Exercising…

Bonus #2 – My Secret to the Best and Most Inexpensive Exercise Equipment

I don’t believe in having to pay a ridiculously high monthly fee to use a gym when you can simply and easily exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Save yourself the 60 minute roundtrip drive to the gym, the wasted time waiting to use the gym equipment, and your expensive gym membership fees. And don’t even think about going out and buying expensive gym equipment of your own.

There’s a much better solution and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

  • I’ll Show You My Ridiculously Simple 3 Step Secret To Making The Best Piece Of Exercise Equipment For Hypothyroidism Exercise In 15 to 20 Minutes And For Less Than $10…

Here’s Everything You Get

The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program Manual, Complete Mobility Warm-Up, Detailed and Full Pictured Workout Manuals, and High Definition Follow Along Workout Videos, and Over $155 in Bonuses…

Plus, I’m Willing To Put My Own Neck Out On The Line and Assume All The Risk By Giving You My…
100% Risk Free 60-Day Guarantee

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Test drive the Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program for a full 8 weeks with absolutely no risk, so you can see for yourself how this will change your life. You are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. I guarantee that this will change your life or you can simply send me an email and ask for a refund.

In fact, if for any reason you’re not happy or seeing the results that you want with my program then I’m more than happy to give you a refund. However, after seeing the difference that this has made in my clients’ lives, I’m confident that you’ll be blown away with what I’m about to show you.

This removes ALL of the risk and now you have nothing to lose.

I can’t wait to hear about your results.

Talk to you soon,

Tom Brimeyer

P.S. Not only is my Revolutionary Exercise Program backed by a completely risk-free, 60-day money back guarantee… but I’m even throwing in an extra $155 worth of bonuses for you today. The only way you can possible lose is by missing out on this.

P.P.S. Please be aware that I plan to and reserve the right to increase the price at any time. There are no exceptions once the price changes. Please keep this in mind when considering whether or not this program is right for you and please don’t make the mistake of waiting to ‘think this over’.

P.P.P.S. The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program is offered as a discounted downloadable program that provides you instant access immediately after you order. Upon purchase you will be directed to a download page where you will be able to view or download the adobe acrobat PDF and MP4 Video files which can easily be viewed on both Mac or PC. If you choose to upgrade to the hard copy and have the program delivered to your doorstep then you will be required to return the hard copy before receiving a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Do I need a gym membership to do this program?

A. No, not at all. These workouts are actually designed to be done in the comfort of your own home, so no gym is necessary. However, if you prefer, all workouts can be done in a gym.

Q. Do I need any special exercise equipment?

A. No, not at all. Some of the workouts require additional weight to make them more challenging. This can be done using a dumbbell or by my recommended simple and inexpensive way of making your own exercise equipment that I show you. You can even do these workouts without weight if you prefer.

Q. Do these workouts require a lot of time?

A. No, not at all. On the contrary, the longer your workouts the worse they are for your thyroid. This workout program is designed to be short but highly effective taking 30 minutes or less per workout and 3 or less days a week.

Q. Can I use this program if I’m on thyroid medication?

A. Yes, of course.

Q. Can I use this program if I have special circumstances like having had my thyroid removed or Hashimoto’s?

A. Please understand that the fundamentals of cell physiology do not change, so this will work for any form of hypothyroidism.

Q. Does this program require any exercise experience?

A. No, this program is designed for people of all ages and exercise experience.

Note: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. The truth: many people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. I’ve seen amazing results with myself and my clients who were willing to put in the effort.

==>> 1 Of A Kind Fitness Continuity System Brings The Dough

1) Motivation
2) Accountability
3) Great Guidance

Before I tell you about the MAG Factor, stop and think back to all the years you REALLY believed your New Year’s resolutions to get in the best shape of your life.

… 2010…
… … 2009…

All those years you made serious resolutions but they didn’t materialize… Somewhere along the way – you lost direction and the resolution ended… Again.

Well, it’s not on your shoulders. You’re not to blame – because there’s a simple, but hidden, reason your hopes didn’t come true… There’s an elusive reason your plan didn’t unfold in the way you really wanted.

You were missing one or more of the 3 absolutely critical components:

1 – Motivation: without motivation your passion & enthusiasm fizzles out
2 – Accountability: without accountability you lose focus & self-commitment
3 – Guidance: without guidance you can’t take the right actions at the right time

Until Now the User-Friendly Technology Didn’t Exist to Deliver What You Needed to Succeed But Now It’s Here and It’s At the Touch of Your Fingers… Literally.

The days of being tied to just a DVD player or just an ebook or just an online video are OVER.

Say hello to motivation on demand… accountability at the swipe of your finger… expert guidance at the touch of a screen, anywhere – anytime.

This is the powerful advantage you’ve needed all along…

MAG Factor delivers Motivation Accountability and Guidance on ANY device you want – or ALL of them if you wish…

And that’s just the beginning of why the MAG Factor keeps you laser-focused on your goals until they become your reality – yours to keep for the rest of your amazing life.

2013 is YOUR Year of Personal Success

The year you finally unlock your COMPLETE fitness potential and unveil the body you’ve dreamed of – the body that makes others stop and take notice…

Are you mentally prepared for everything that comes with a complete body makeover?

Because you’ll need to adjust to a new, strange, and better looking �YOU� staring back at you from the mirror.

You’re also going to get a lot of sweet attention from friends, family… even strangers.

When you’re walking around in your new rockin’ body you’re going to turn heads… literally. So be prepared. It’s a very special and empowering feeling. You’ll see…

But just wishing that �this year is going to be different� isn’t going to cut it.

Haven’t you said that before?

Right… So you what you need is to make a bold shift which FORCES 2013 to be different than all the years in the past.

Here’s How MAG Factor Will Give You the Power to OWN Your Fitness Goals in 2013 and Make Them Your NEW Reality for Life

NO more getting off track or distracted
NO more falling off the wagon or slacking off
NO more losing interest or getting bored

Because now you’ve got the MAG Factor and it’s even BETTER than having me as your personal trainer.

Let me show you why MAG Factor is so powerful for achieving your personal fitness goals – now and for good:

Never before have you been able to get my help in setting up your weekly workout schedule – all based on my methods, programs and training sessions.

You can simply sit back and let me do all the work and enjoy the never ending variety I send your way; without having to worry, or think about what you’re supposed to do.

Or you and I can work together – I’ll set up the schedules and you can tweak them and adjust them to personalize your training even further. Or – you can set your own weekly fitness planner exactly the way you want it – all from my step-by-step instructional videos which are waiting for you inside the MAG-Factor.

Your unique, short & powerful training sessions can be done at home, the office, a hotel room � or even in a gym, if you wish.

Got a question about your personal training sessions?

Need specific insights about your nutrition, foods and meals?

Perfect. You’ll love MAG Factor because this is the first time you’ve ever been able to get direct coaching and guidance from me in this type of program.

In fact, if you’re on the other side of the world or if you’re awake at 3am and your mind is spinning with a question you want to ask me right away just pop into the private MAG Factor forum and post your question.

You might get an answer from one of the many helpful MAG Factor women in the community…

OR I’ll use the questions I get in the MAG Factor forum to create my weekly coaching call content. Or I might answer it right there and then.

I love food and I hope you do too…

Because we routinely add recipes and meal ideas to the MAG Factor, which you can add to your weekly planner.

In fact, if you can click a mouse you can set up your week’s meal plan in seconds and you’ll never again wonder “what should I eat?”.

I’ve taken care of everything except cooking it up for you… (I tried to get my partner to figure out a way to get the MAG Factor to cook meals for you too, but we’ll leave that for a future version… lol.. just joking!)

But here’s the best part…

Waiting for you inside the MAG Factor Private Client Zone you can get a printable version of your shopping list for all of the meals you’ve clicked onto your planner.

Think we’re done? Not yet.

Because you can take MAG Factor with you to the store on your smart phone.

Are you starting to see how the MAG Factor has every facet of your fitness coordinated together and a natural part of your life?

And as a MAG Client you’ll have the opportunity to share your own meals and recipe ideas with other clients in the private forum.

No more guesswork… NONE.

Fitness Pros From All Over the World Are Giving the MAG Factor a Big Thumbs Up

We’ve had several top fitness pros and trainers test and evaluate the MAG-Factor. Here is one on them…

“If you have a chance to become a client of The MAG-Factor you should take it and never let it go… “

Belinda Benn

“The truth is, as a client of The MAG-Factor, you have the most critical things which most personal trainers cannot provide. You have a seamless system in the palm of your hands which essentially puts Joey and his best methods, right at your side 24/7. And because of this, your chances of personal fitness success are virtually guaranteed….”

– Belinda Benn
International Fitness Model
Aussie Transformation Coach
Creator of The Get Lean Program

But let me share something which is really exciting for you…

You’re one of the very first people ANYWHERE to see the MAG Factor.

So even though I’ve got dozens of case studies from OVER 23 years of helping clients like you, the word about the MAG Factor is just now starting to spread. Here’s a recent email from another super-satisfied client, Nicki:

OK, so, what does that mean for you?

When you join as a VIP Member you lock in the lowest monthly membership that anyone will EVER get.

More on that in just a bit…

Here’s What Happens Right After Your Join Us in MAG Factor as a VIP Client:

You login to your MAG Private Client Access Area and go through the short, focused interview questions and goal-setting I’ve set up for you. As you check-off your answers you realize this alone is something you’ve never done before – you sense this is going to be a very different experience with a very powerful outcome.

Right after you answer your interview questions and set your target goals – you finish adjusting the simple settings in your private client zone to be in sync with your global time zone and personal preferences.

You then watch a short personal video we’ve recorded for you to give you a quick orientation of your MAG personal fitness system – and to show you how easy it is to get around the site to access your main components…

Then – if you wish, we show you how to sync your program up with your smartphone, ipad, Blackberry, iphone, Android – or whichever device or devices you wish to access your MAG program on. Or you can simply login from one computer if that’s what you prefer.

Fast and Noticeable Progress with Definite Results

A few weeks go by and you realize you’re making fast and noticeable progress – definite results which are surprising you and the people around you. You get even more encouraged and energized – naturally, you keep with it and a few months go by quite quickly…

Now – you’re feeling like your body is changing significantly.

What you see in the mirror each day is almost unreal – but the truth is undeniable. You’ve made awesome progress toward your personal goals – but, surprisingly, other positive things are happening too..

You’re sleeping better each night. And because of this you’re waking up well-rested each morning; loaded with incredible energy and stamina all day – Not just physically but also mentally…

All-Time Highs for Your Self-esteem, Confidence, Attitude and MAGNETISM

Your self-esteem and self confidence are at all time highs. Not only do you feel in control of yourself – but your enhanced self-image comes out through your positive attitude and personality. People sense this and are friendlier toward you – and more attracted to you…

Your skin looks better – not just on your body, but also your face. It looks smoother, tighter and even younger.

Your moods are better – much more positive, more often.

Your issues with food have shifted in a very welcome way. You don’t crave unhealthy body-wrecking foods any more.

Your appetite and metabolism are in sync with your goals and nutrient demands. You enjoy your new selection of healthy but realistic foods – and trashy junk foods make you sick and sluggish if you try to eat them now.

Performance Is Soaring At Work, In Your Hobbies and In the Bedroom

Your sex-life has reached incredible new heights and you feel like you’re unleashing a part of your libido which has been dormant for a very long and dull time.

Your close friends, family members and co-workers are coming to you for advice – because it’s hard to ignore you have found something which they have not – you are doing something which is working, and working extremely well.

In about 3 months you stop to think – seeing how incredibly far you’ve come…

And you realize how natural and automatic everything has been. It really hits you as you discover what you’ve been doing has been so easy that your success via the MAG System is virtually guaranteed because of what it does for you on a day to day basis…

It’s All Automatic Now – You Don’t Even Have to Think About It

Everything you are now doing has become a part of your subconscious where you don’t even have to think about it anymore. You are simply doing the things which are now a part of you and your lifestyle…

But why has this happened? HOW has this happened? What is different now as compared to all past failed attempts?

Here’s how it happened:

You implemented a unique system which easily blends into your life – to guide you through gradual but powerful adjustments which have led to stellar progress in your personal fitness and quality of life…

As you reflect – you start to understand something very critical, which is the difference maker. Here it is…

Failure Points of the Past Now Become Personal Rocket-Fuel for You

In the past, any of the following life events would have knocked you right off any fitness program you were attempting to follow:

– Unexpected interruptions in your common daily routine
– Going out of town for a business trip
– Traveling with your family for a vacation
– Visitors from out of town coming to stay with you
– Getting sick for 5 or 6 days
– Injuring yourself on the job or doing something silly
– Having to work overtime on a special project for 2 weeks
– A stressful experience such as a death in the family or divorce

But not anymore – not even close…

None of those things can derail your desires and your most meaningful personal goals – Because now, you know how to work around them. You have the exact strategies and tactics you need, 24/7 – in a natural system which guides you past these occasional events in life.

Look, let’s be realistic here: 98% of the time – life runs pretty smoothly. Sure, it may be busy, but it’s relatively smooth and predictable…

It’s that tricky and random 2% (the things I just listed above) which has the potential to spread you very thin and cause you to lose focus and direction… making you just want to quit and give up. But with MAG – you just won’t.

See, when you have something in your life which is stronger than all those things put-together – then you have the upper-hand, and those “2%” events actually become jet-fuel that propels you to even higher milestones in your personal quest to be at your best…

That’s right. The things which stopped you dead in your tracks in the past – are now sources of energy and inspiration which boost your positive progress and amazing results…

That can all be your reality and it all starts right now, right here for you. Here is what you have as a MAG-Factor VIP Client:

Become My VIP Client Today and You Get Extra “Goodies” Included Free That Others Will Have to Pay for Later

Bonus #1: ALL of My Top DVDs Included and Waiting For You in Your VIP Private Client Area

Bonus #2: You get 3 Sweet Bonus Training Session Videos from the ‘Playground Hard-Body Program’ we recently shot in Pahia and Auckland, New Zealand

  • 1 – Outdoor Body-Weight Cardio
  • 2 – Park-Bench Stretching for Flexibility
  • 3 – Smoking Shoulders with Bands and Body-Weight

Bonus #3: Erase Distractions and Energy Vampires with My “Laser Focus” Audio Interview:

This Motivation Session is waiting for you in your VIP Client Area…

I did this session with “Aussie Transformation Coach” Belinda Benn and “America’s Optimism Coach” Lucy Beal.

Belinda is an international fitness model who has overcome her own struggles with focus and motivation and accountability. In this interview she shares insights from her journey.

Lucy Beal is a National Certified Counselor and a Certified Food Psychology Coach. She has insights into the mental game of nutrition and managing your habits and lifestyle.

  • The simplest and most powerful secrets to overcoming life’s common obstacles
  • Where to tap into �invisible� sources of motivation to stay on track with your goals
  • A powerful, but rarely used, mind-trick to reverse negative situations into positive ones
  • How to generate personal energy & emotional fuel from regular setbacks and life challenge

Bonus #4: Motivation Kick-Off Coaching Call “Turning the Tables: 2013 and Beyond”

Joey Atlas bw Headshot

Joey Atlas; Co-Creator – The MAG-Factor

  • The Best Way to Leverage The MAG Factor to Squeeze the Maximum Benefits Out of It
  • How to Blow Past the 1 Biggest Obstacle Holding You Back Right Now to Ignite Your Results and Progress
  • What to do In the Next Few Days and Weeks to Guarantee This Year Sets the Amazing Tone for the Rest of Your Life

You’re going to love this coaching session as it will strengthen your mindset and your enthusiasm… You’ll want to listen to it more than once – you’ll see…

Bonus #5: VIP Discounts on all future Joey Atlas programs (I’ve Never Offered This Before)

As an exclusive VIP MAG Client you get the “Red Carpet” treatment like never before.

You’ll have access to private discounts, deals, and sometimes even early “jump the line” access on future Joey Atlas programs.

And 2012 is going to be a super productive year for me so you can expect to use your special VIP discounts many times in the coming months.

Bonus #6: Your Low Price is Locked Forever as a VIP “Charter Member”

There are only two ways you’re here right now before the rest of the world hears about the MAG Factor.

1- You’re one of my top clients
2- You were invited by one of my top clients

In either case you’re getting a price lock guarantee which I can’t guarantee for very long. I’m not saying when price will jump… but it will.

Your input and encouragement pushed me to build the MAG Factor to deliver even MORE than I could give you if you hired me as your personal trainer (and I’m not available for hire, in-person, any more).

And so if you’ve been watching and reading my updates and you’re ready to jump in because you know the value I (over) deliver to my clients then I want to reward you for taking action right now.

That’s why your VIP Client Status that you lock in today can never go up.

Here are the details about your Charter VIP Client Membership:

Become My VIP Client Today and You Are Guaranteed The Lowest Rate – FOR LIFE. It will never be this low again – so this is your BEST CHANCE to Reach Your Ultimate Goals for Just Pennies a Day; Just 98-cents, to Be Exact :-)

Here is What You Get As My Private Client
When You Hire Me As Your Trainer for Life

It’s very important that you grab your client spot right now because I have only made this page available to my loyal clients, customers and newsletter subscribers – in order to give you early access at the VIP First Client Special ‘New-Year New-Chance’ rate… Then, in the next day or two, we are opening up The MAG-Factor to the public and our affiliates to fill the remaining private client spots, if there are any left by that time.

After this VIP Special ‘New-Year New-Chance’ Offer is over, the normal monthly rate for people to be a MAG Private Client is going up…

I can’t promise you what the price WILL be in the future or WHEN we’ll bump the price.

But this much I know.

When you join as a VIP MAG Client today you’re going to look back many months from now and not just have a new body and higher levels of fitness – but you’ll be VERY happy you jumped on board now.

Test Drive the MAG Factor VIP Members Area Today – You Have 60 Days to Change Your Mind

Your 100% Risk-Free “ATLAS” Guarantee of Dramatic Results

If you are not 100% blown away by the incredible results and improvements you are seeing in your body and feeling in your life; or if for some odd reason you just want to quit and get a refund, then simply send us an email within the first 8 weeks and you’ll get a prompt and friendly refund.

You’ll never be charged another dime…

That’s my promise to you,

– Joey Atlas
Co-Creator of The MAG-Factor

Start Your 7 Day Trial for Just $1
And Then Just $29.00 per Month – Cancel Any Time

Jack and I have decided to give all of my VIP’s (this includes you) a chance to try out the MAG Factor for a full week. All it takes is $1 to get started and then you’re locked in forever at the special-low price of only $29.00 per month. I value your loyalty and this is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all your support over the last 7 years…

And I know as you get dramatic results the people around you are going to want to know how you are doing it – and you’ll be able to let them know about me, your trainer – and The MAG Factor Fitness Coaching System.

By now you’ve seen that the MAG Factor fills in the missing pieces that have kept you from reaching your full fitness potential.

I’ve invited you to become a VIP Mag Factor and change your body and health in ways you’ve always dreamed.

I’ve offered you 6 awesome bonuses, plus a VIP Member low-price-lock at the lowest rate ever.

I’ve backed up the MAG Factor with a NO-RISK 100% guarantee.

And now the decision is completely in your hands.

Either you’ll join me and the supportive & positive women in the MAG Factor Movement – or you’ll go it alone. One or the other.

Either you’ll join the energizing and like-minded community of other committed and positive MAG Factor VIP clients or you’ll continue to let the chaos of life and the hundreds of little distractions hold you back and take your focus away – blocking you from success.

I wish I could make this decision for you but obviously I can’t – it’s completely up to you.

And it’s time to choose.

I hope you know I’ve done everything possible to make your choice as easy as possible. I want to help you – and this program is the best way for me to do that…

Join me on the inside and let’s work together. I thank you for this opportunity to be a part of the well-deserved change you’re about to experience.

Be bold. Be wise. Take Action.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Lifestyle Adjustment Coach

Joey Atlas bw Headshot

Joey Atlas; Co-Creator – The MAG-Factor

PS – Remember – what you are seeing right now is not going to be available much longer. This is a Special Offer to give you Lifetime VIP Client Status – where you get all upgrades and future versions of the MAG-Factor (Version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0) with no extra charges or additional member fees. You get to lock in today’s lowest rate – a rate that will never be offered again, once we open MAG to the public. And you get to keep that rate forever – as long as you remain a MAG-Factor VIP Private Client.

HONESTe Seal - Click to verify before you buy!

Imagine this:

  • I am setting up your weekly fitness training schedule; unless you want to do it, or we can do it together. Your unique, short & powerful training sessions can be done at home, the office, a hotel room – or even in a gym, if you wish.
  • You can access your exercise videos, daily meal plan, progress MAGometer and private support forum from your computer, your web-enabled TV – or all your devices if you wish (laptop, ipad, Android, iphone, etc…).
  • If you wish, I will send you daily texts and emails, anywhere in the world, at the time of day you specify to fuel your motivation and remind you of the workouts you have on your schedule.
  • You get complete access to the online versions of all my best selling home, office and travel exercise DVDS, Plus we’ll be recording new ones for you each month.
  • Your private client area can be accessed anywhere in the world so you’ll never miss a step and you’ll be ‘connected’ 24/7. You’ll never lack the support and guidance you need.
  • All of your friends will be jealous of your new body, new energy and also because you get to say “I have an awesome personal trainer now…”
  • As a VIP Client, you’ll have the first opportunity to introduce the MAG-Factor Corporate Fitness Program version to the company you work for (or own yourself), when we release it in mid 2013
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a male of female. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an Extreme Beginner or an Extreme Fitness Warrior – The MAG System is a flexible and customizable program to match your needs and goals…


==>> Meditation And Cancer : Does It Help?

Learn Easy Meditation Techniques To Boost Your Body’s Ability To Heal From Cancer!

Here’s what Australian cancer survivor and self-help guru, Ian Gawler, has to say about this ebook: “It is a great read: Engaging, informative, practical. A real insight into the real issues people with cancer face; and the bonus here is that real solutions are provided”.

Dr Jacqui DoddsMonday 9:30pm

From: Dr. Jacqui Dodds, psychotherapist, counselor and researcher:


Are you wondering what you can do to give yourself the very best chance of healing?

How can you compliment the treatments your doctor offers so that you can keep your mind steady, your spirit up and at the same time get in touch with your body’s natural healing ability?

* I have worked for many years with people, like yourselves, who are facing a life threatening cancer diagnosis.

* I have studied and practiced healing meditations since 1982. I also teach meditation.

You may be thinking, “I could never sit still for hours at a time… I don’t have the discipline for something like meditation!”

Well, I’m not so sure! With a little help, most people can manage a few minutes to sit quietly and just watch what’s going on. It’s as easy as that! Or one can practice some helpful techniques when lying in bed, sitting in the garden or going for a walk.

In my eBook “Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!” I have combined my experience with the stories of six people (yes, six ordinary people) who took part in my research study into the use of meditation as a healing strategy for cancer.

Lorna, Bernadette, David, Sylvia, Dee, Lillian and I spent many weeks together sharing their journeys and their experience of using meditation as a major part of their healing strategy.

Note: Cancer research shows that meditation reduces stress, depression and anxiety in cancer patients. Meditation increases confidence and supports remission!

“Who are the people in this research?” I hear you ask.

They are just ordinary people like you and I – wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, husbands, brothers, sisters – all facing this unexpected turn in their lives. What they have in common is a strong desire to explore meditation and how it might help with their cancer diagnosis.

They found that meditation brought hope, direction and peace … and that this really helped when threatened by cancer…

Meditation calmed their fears and pointed how to heal their lives and, for some, their bodies.

Bernadette’s journey …

Bernadette was diagnosed with bowel cancer and after initial treatment was told there was no need to do anything special. When, a couple of years later, she got secondaries in the liver and spine she realized she had to make some changes and it was then, among other complementary therapies, that she turned to meditation.

Dee’s journey …

Dee has had cancer three times – first in her thirties. Initially in the cervix, then later secondaries in the lymph nodes and lung. Dee felt that she might have avoided getting secondaries if she had commenced serious meditation and improved her diet immediately after her initial diagnosis and treatment. The doctors expected her to die but she believes she’s alive because of these changes.

Sylvia’s journey …

Sylvia was in her forties when diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially she attended a support group and thought meditation looked “pretty weird”. Curiosity got the better of her and it was only after she realized her own mortality that she really got into the practice of meditation. Six years later and officially a “survivor”, she’s hooked!

David’s journey …

David had recently commenced meditation practice to reduce stress from his high powered job prior to his diagnosis. When diagnosed with a brain tumor, he determined to get into the meditation more seriously and to experience it at a deeper level and, at the same time, reduce the stress of his work and illness.

Lorna’s journey …

Lorna was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late thirties She decided to rely entirely on meditation and holistic healing ideas of working with her mind, immune system and spirituality, rather than have surgery and chemotherapy.

Lillian’s journey …

Lillian had been a regular meditator but unhappy in her marriage. Since her diagnosis with ovarian, bowel and lung cancer, she recognized that she needed to slow down and express her emotions more. She feared that she had previously used meditation as a method of “opting out of reality” (escaping her unhappiness) rather than making necessary changes.

Jacqui’s journey …

Jacqui says – “I am the only member of the group not to have experienced a cancer diagnosis or other life threatening illness. However, both meditation and psychotherapy were critical in healing serious skin conditions associated with the trauma of early childhood sexual abuse that had been covered up as ‘too extreme to be remembered’ until I was forty years old.”

I am now making the results of this research available to a much wider audience and know it will be really useful to people like you who want to actively add to traditional treatments.

Ian Gawler, renowned cancer survivor from supposedly incurable bone cancer in the 1970’s, agrees with me that meditation can be the key to improved health and wellbeing. Here’s what he says about this book:

Reading Jacqui Dodds’ excellent ebook, “Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help”, brings to mind an old Tibetan saying: An old patient is more useful than a young doctor! While somewhat irreverent, this observation does point to the value of learning from those with direct experience. Theories are useful; knowledge, hopes and optimism have their place; but, in the end, what works in practice is most valuable.

Click here to load and listen to this snippet from the
start of Jacqui’s interview with Ian Gawler (3 min)

In ‘Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!’, Jacqui brings to life six people’s stories whom she supported and researched as they dealt with their own particular cancers. The result is a great read. Engaging, informative, practical. A real insight into the real issues people with cancer face; and the bonus here is that real solutions are provided.

Jacqui highlights key principles: how to keep the mind steady, the spirits up and how to access the body’s natural ability to heal.

The real gem on offer in ‘Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!’ is hope. There is genuine hope in page after page. Genuine hope based on the opportunity this ebook provides for you to not only be inspired by wonderful, personal stories, but to learn mind based techniques like meditation and guided imagery that I know from my own personal and clinical experience reliably lead to acceptance, new self awareness, love and healing at a deep and profound level.

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend this book and my wish is that all of you who do read it go on to live long and happy lives.

Ian Gawler OAM, BVSs, MCouns HS
Yarra Valley, June 2010

So … I have now been able to spend the hours of time needed to present my research and meditation experience in a form that is easy to read.

I have added a guide at the end of each chapter with the following :-

  • how you too can use meditation to support mind-body healing
  • some helpful life changes to support your healing
  • actual meditations for you to try

You can now share the journeys of these six people and go with them through their highs and lows, their difficulties and experiences and get a close up picture of how meditation can help if you have received a diagnosis of cancer.

Like them, you can find hope and acceptance, new self awareness and love.

You wonder how I know meditation encourages love and hope?

Well, I’ve counselled many, many people with cancer and introduced them to meditation. I’ve seen how, time and again, they have softened and become brighter after experiencing loving kindness meditations and discovering their essential goodness and love.

You, too, can use this illness to make changes that heal relationships and uncover deeply hidden hurts and emotions that threaten your wellbeing and health.

And how do I know that healing relationships and hurts supports body healing?

For eight years I spent all my time working exclusively in the world of cancer. I counselled cancer patients and their families. I led support groups that always began with meditation and I taught meditation. At the same time I was researching the experience of hundreds of cancer patients for my doctoral research. And at the personal level, three of my best friends had cancer and used meditation as their central healing practice and support.

This message from a cancer survivor…

Six years ago I was told I had inflammatory, invasive breast cancer and was likely to have only six months left to live!

I had been a Buddhist meditator for some years and so my first reaction was to retreat to that familiar place of stillness. It really helped! I attempted to gather together the shattered pieces of myself in shock. Aware of my deep fear, I determined to engage as much as possible with my mind until I had organised and constructed a complete ‘gestalt’ programme of healing. I both committed to successful healing, but detached from any particular result. I designed a comprehensive program of research, nutrition, exercise, yoga, toning and Buddhist healing practice.

Having more recently read “Threatened by Cancer: Meditation DOES help!”, I can say that this book provides an excellent guide for people who want to give themselves the very best chance of healing but are unfamiliar with, or unsure, about meditation.

They may be wondering, “is it worth the effort?” As far as I am concerned, meditation was the central post supporting all my other healing strategies.

This book provides the necessary teaching and examples to support people in using basic, healing meditations to form their own centre post supporting their chosen healing strategies.

Jac-Aileen, February 2010, Queensland.

… and this is the easy to read eBook in which you can share these journeys through fear and illness to hope and love – shared journeys that will change your life …

A word from Sylvia (taken from the research) …

My name is Sylvia. I’m in my fifties and was a member of the collaborative research group into meditation and cancer.

I had breast cancer six years ago and was very fortunate to discover the Cancer Support Association within the first year.

I attended meetings and eventually became aware of meditation and its many benefits. My husband also became involved and it has proved invaluable during many a crisis. I did not expect any great change to take place during this research but, on reflection, I must admit that many good and positive understandings have indeed come out of it.

With the understanding of complete confidentiality, the trust and rapport with all members of our [research] group was remarkable. The size of the group was small enough to be comfortable – yet large enough for good input.

I have a great deal of respect for Jacqui and admire her for attempting such a task. I can see it working well in many areas.

We laughed, we cried, but mainly we understood “a clear understanding of Life – and Death”.

A word from Lorna (taken from the research) …

When the mention of the meditation [research] group was first put to me my ears picked up immediately. I was first in line for this one. It sounded very interesting.

I also felt it would teach me more about meditation, as at that time I had only been meditating for a short while – maybe three to four months – and felt I was only on the tip of a huge opening up to myself.

When we had our first meeting it was exciting not only to meet you, Jacqui, but everyone else too – colleagues and fellow cancer patients – all having the same common interest in using meditation for healing. As the weeks went by and we had more and more meetings, I felt our group got closer. There was a stronger feeling of support, sharing and generally opening up.

At each meeting we started our session with a meditation – varied each time because different people gave it and I certainly learned and benefited greatly from it.

Thank you Jacqui for offering this wonderful opportunity for me to partake in your research. It was fun and a great learning experience.

Stories from real experience …

The most exciting thing for me, is that these are real stories told by everyday people about their experiences with meditation and cancer.

They are stories of reduced pain, stress relief and increased love, direction and hope.

As Dee says … “When first diagnosed, I went through the emotions of death: the anger; the denial (though brief); the depression; confusion; and disbelief [does this sound familiar to you?] and as such it took months to work through. Meditation helped me deal with those emotions and brought forgiveness, acceptance (that the situation did exist), positiveness, clarity, hope, love, peace and harmony.

These stories will really change the way you look at things and what YOU can do when illness strikes …

A Journey into self …

From the first meeting of our research group it became apparent that the practice of meditation has had a significant impact on each one of us.

Every one of us stated at the beginning, and throughout the ten weeks we met, that meditation has brought increased awareness, insight and significant changes to our ways of thinking. Several of us, on different occasions, used the idea of a journey to describe this sense of developing awareness.

As Lorna says … “Meditation helps me get deep down into myself … layers and layers of myself. You can only change yourself. You can’t change another person – it’s a journey.”

Or as Dee puts it … “I’ve worked at working my days in a meditative state – a sort of watchful awareness. Watching my thoughts. Changing negative to positive …”

They found that meditation helped them to come to know and believe in themselves … and that this was really important.

They learned how to visualize healing and how to relax mind and body.

Cancer can be scary and advice confusing … Meditation calmed the mind and pointed the way …

So what is meditation anyway?

Meditation can come in many different forms depending on it’s origins, but the meditation used in the stories in this book can best be described as ‘health meditation’, as taught by well known Australian cancer survivor, Ian Gawler and authors such as doctors Deepak Chopra and Carl Simonton.

These meditations include

* stress reduction and body relaxation directions

* mindfulness meditations, focusing lightly on the breath

* healing visualizations and affirmations

A word from David (taken from the research) …

“I like to feel that relaxation response – it is yummy when I do. A great feeling! It’s just like changing gear!”

A word from Lilian (taken from the research) …

“For me, going into meditation is the peace that you can take with you afterwards. You become more aware of the tenseness that is in your body. Before I started meditation I never realised that I used to clench my hands all the time. I wasn’t aware of the tenseness in my jaw… I have become more aware of what the other mind thinks!”

A word from Dee (taken from the research) …

In a good passive meditation – the most rejuvenating for me – I let go and go deeper and deeper until eventually I sense a plateau. A different dimension – like a floating in nothingness. All tension is released. All thought is gone and a beautiful peace fills my being. From this state comes answers and guidance.

A word from Sylvia (taken from the research) …

Peace of mind isn’t just airy fairy. It is sorting out things. If I go into a meditation and think of something, I do not put it from my mind. I try and think about it for a minute and deal with it. And usually when I come back to it later I can see it more fully. Usually it doesn’t take a long time but it sure does help!

I’d really like to share these stories with you and, since it’s an eBook, it’s available immediately to download.

I’ve kept the price deliberately low …

it’s just $37.


And there’s more:

As well as the eBook, “Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!” you will get an audio version of two guided meditations described in the eBook.

I have recorded these guided meditations just for you. They are suitable for those without any meditation experience as well as more experienced meditators. My Meditation CD’s normally sell for $19 each, but you can have these PodCast (mp3) versions as bonuses.

Not only will you be able to share these healing journeys, but you will be able to start experiencing some of these unique meditations right away.

You don’t need any previous experience to be able to follow the podCasts or the extra meditations in the actual book.

Each meditation has two parts.

  • The first is an introduction to the meditation explaining how it works and what it is for.
  • The second is the meditation itself for you to practice as you listen – a guided meditation. You may only wish to listen to the introduction once or twice, but the guided meditation itself can be listened to as many times as you like – even once or twice a day.

Bonus #1 – A Guided Purification Meditation

The first meditation is a clearing and healing guided meditation.

This is an excellent meditation for supporting healing in your body and helping to clear those parts of your life that may cause you difficulty. These might be traumas from your childhood you are still hanging on to; aspects of your relationships which are not working well plus conflicts and unhelpful habits that cause all manner of pain and discomfort**.

**This guided meditation is excellent for using the mind to clear the body of cancerous tumours and other forms of disease.

Bonus #2 – A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

The second is a Loving Kindness guided meditation.

This is an excellent meditation for increasing the love and good feeling in one’s life. This can be directed towards oneself, one’s close family and friends, the people you work with or even towards those whom you have difficulty with. Love is the great healer!

There is also a 100% ‘No Questions Asked’ Money back Guarantee

I am also offering you a 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk to you. If you read “Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!” and you’re not convinced it will help you, I want you to let me know within 60 days, and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. It’s not just me that’s promising money back, Clickbank – the biggest sellers of online Ebooks also guarantee your money back.

You can pay for it on-line and download the eBook immediately including your FREE bonuses. You can literally have the book in your hands in just a few minutes … and remember it’s just $37.


So …

… you owe it to yourself to read these in depth, revealing stories that Lorna, Bernadette, David, Sylvia, Dee and Lillian have to tell. No time to lose!

… What price is your peace of mind?

… If you read the cancer survivor stories they are about people who listened to their intuitive wisdom and actively helped themselves!

Don’t hesitate, order it now!

In any event, I wish you all the blessings in the world in the face of your challenging situation.

Warm wishes …. Jacqui

P.S. You are probably in a difficult situation and are getting advice from all directions. There’s so much confusing information out there! You need a calm, clear mind to connect with your inner knowing and the answers to your own unique situation.
P.P.S. Let me remind you that you are totally covered by my 100%, “No Questions Asked” guarantee backed up by clickbank. So there is no risk to you at all. You can even keep the eBook as my gift to you in this challenging time. What are you waiting for?

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==>> Tokay Gecko Lizard Care Information

“Experienced Tokay Gecko owner, Elisabeth Tan, reveals the secrets of raising Tokays from birth.

Dear Tokay Gecko Lover,

If you knew that nearly 86.5% geckos die very young and within two years of their captivity, then you’re going to discover in this message how to stop that from happening. True, it’s not easy to raise a Tokay gecko as pet.

With the geckos originally coming from deserts, the biggest problem that most owners face is creating the right kind of environment for the gecko to comfortably grow up in outside their natural habitat.

Moreover, owners are often confused with the lack of genuine information on how to take proper care of the geckos, particularly during the first 24 months of their lives, and how to handle them correctly, what to feed them, how to take care of common illnesses and so on.

Because of these two major problems, raising a Tokay gecko as pet often turns into a sad experience. Many geckos die too young, and most often, such untimely death is attributed to lack of correct knowledge on the part of the owners.

Stop Untimely Death

Actually, you can stop this from happening with a little preparation.

I know the insider-secrets of how to bring up Tokay geckos perfectly and that is exactly what I am going to share with you, right here in this message.

My name is Elizabeth Tan.  I fell in love with Tokay geckos when I was just a kid. A small group of family members and friends knew about this passion of mine.

So, word went around that I was some kind of an “expert” on Tokay geckos. Then slowly and slowly, I started getting swamped with questions from gecko owners.

Most of these queries were extremely worried owners, who were seeking my suggestions on what to do with their pets that were in problem or were behaving unusually.

You won’t believe how I started getting frantic calls at odd hours of the day or night from desperate gecko owners.


There were so many questions:

  • One 9-year old Tokay gecko was building sand piles in one corner of the tank, something that it has never done before. Why?
  • How can a new female Tokay gecko be introduced to a male Tokay gecko?
  • Is it needed to mist Tokay geckos?
  • Can a Tokay gecko be freed and will it survive in a park with rocks and water?
  • Will a gecko be a suitable pet for a 7-year kid?
  • How is it possible to make a humid hiding place for a gecko?
  • Do Tokay geckos eat their skin after shedding?
  • One gecko just bought from a pet store is looking very pale and is not moving at all? Does it need calcium? Or only meals of crickets as told by the pet store will be all right?
  • How can a male gecko be distinguished from a female gecko?
  • Do Tokay geckos have to have full spectrum lighting?
  • Is it okay to feed geckos three times a week?
  • One Tokay gecko got a big bite on her head from a cricket. What is the best way to treat it? Should an antibiotic crème be put on it? Is it needed to clean the area with hydrogen peroxide?
  • Could geckos be taken out in sunlight and made to run on grass?
  • One gecko has a spot on its abdomen that is turning pinkish in color and its tail is turning purple. What to do? Is it something serious?

Just think, these people had no idea on what to do. Those among them who had problems with the health of their geckos were perhaps in their worst state of minds.

Can you feel their frustration, their helplessness, their agony?

Imagine for a moment, what could have happened if you were in their position.

What would you have done?

  • Browsed the Internet to get information?
  • Visited a vet and paid him some hefty money to treat your gecko?
  • Called up some gecko owner you knew and asked for his help?
  • Or watched your dear pet keep doing something unusual and slowly move towards death?

“Do Something, Elizabeth”

I could not leave it there. I felt the pressing need that something must be done, and that too urgently, to mitigate the problems of clueless gecko owners.

In fact, it was really becoming very straining on my part to attend to so many individual queries. I tried my best to reply to all the calls and mails I received.

But I hardly could manage all the things nicely.

It was then I decided to come up with a handy and helpful guide for this reptile loving community, which will be one single point of exhaustive information on how to bring up Tokay geckos in the right manner.

That was the start.

It was really hard work.

I had to research out each little thing about the Tokay gecko, interact with professional breeders, get emergency care tips from vets, and document all my personal knowledge and experience spread over many years.

If this guide is with you, then I’ll bet, you’ll be the most relaxed and least worried person around about your Tokay geckos.

I have named this absolutely indispensible guide – “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko”.

The word “Secrets” is there because you’ll not find this information in any pet store.

No professional breeder would ever share with you all that I have shown here.

I really mean all these.

So if you’re a true Tokay gecko enthusiast, then this guide is something that you can hardly refuse to own.

Already I have made a limited circulation of “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” among a very close list that I have

Now just imagine for a moment:

Today you are moving around with your bright-looking tangerine or lavender gecko sitting on your shoulder or peeping out of your shirt pocket.

People around you are eying your possession with admiration and envy.

Tomorrow, things could be entirely different.

You could suddenly notice your gecko with sweaty-looking skin, cloudy eyes, crusty mouth, sagging jaw, lying back in its hide, listless and noticeably slow.

Tell me, how will you be feeling?

And then, how would things be like when you’re desperately looking out for something to revive your ailing gecko and you could hardly find anything worthwhile around?

Yes, my friend, I have gone through these days.

My own geckos and those of other people had put me in such anxiety.

It was then when I decided to write this guide, “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko”.

I wanted to put everything in one place, so that anyone, even a novice on Tokay geckos, will find everything handy just at the time when he needs it most.

This amazing guide is virtually an A-Z, one-stop destination on everything that you’ll ever require to know about Tokay geckos.

You’ll learn from here about their selection, their upbringing, their care, their breeding, their treatment, all written out in a lucid style, with practical, easy-to-implement, handy tips.

Owning your of “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” will be immense benefit to you.

You’ll easily come to know:

  • pg. 11. How to select and purchase the perfect gecko without being duped by the pet store, and learn how to distinguish between vital healthy and unhealthy signs before choosing the perfect gecko for you.
  • pg. 14. How to correctly handle the Tokay gecko without scaring the little animal or causing any damage to its organs or overstressing it.
  • pg. 18. How to set up the vivarium and tank to house your gecko, creating the right kind of ambience, using the right substrate, maintaining the correct temperature, and giving the gecko ideal hiding places.
  • How to maintain the tank hygienically, clean it regularly without causing much discomfort to the gecko, and ensure that living conditions are just perfect for the little animal.
  • How to make your geckos exercise regularly, without overdoing them, and the accessories and feed inputs that you’ll be required to provide to make exercising an enjoyable affair for them.
  • How to fix the diet for the geckos, so that they get the best in nutrition and supplements, using an unique “shake method”, and then feed them, maybe with packaged food, yet by not making them lose out on their hunting instincts.
  • How to easily detect common illnesses, treat the geckos at home, figure out when to take advice from vet, and how to keep your cool over things which apparently look like some trouble but really are not so.
  • pg. 12. How to train and tame Tokay geckos in an easy, step-by-step manner, and build a solid relationship of trust with them, without scaring or injuring the cute little pets.
  • pg. 35. How to make Tokay geckos have sex, what to do during the pre-breeding, mating and breeding periods, the techniques of setting up the egg laying chamber and then taking care of the new-born baby gecko.

Shh…TopSecret!!… When You Order Today You’ll Also Receive this AMAZING Bonus!

Just to make this offer even MORE irresistible. I’ve decided to create this bonus that I know you’ll absolutely LOVE…

BONUS eBook – Breeding Tokay Geckos (A $45 value you get absolutely FREE!).

Ever wondered if you could breed your own tokay geckos? How cool it would be to have a family of tokays to care for and watch them grow? Here, I’ll show you step-by-step exactly what to do (it’s quite simple actually!). Everything you need to breed your own tokay geckos.

All of this would normally go for $84. But if you order now you save $45

Order now for only $19

As you can see, “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” is a comprehensive guide.

It contains exclusive and exhaustive information, all written from a practical angle relying on my experience spread over years.

So you can trust “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” and get hold of your personal copy in the very first instance.

  • How to Prevent Your Tokay Gecko From Climbing Out. – Ever went back home and realized your Tokay gecko is no longer in the enclosure? It must have climbed it’s way out when you were away! Here, I’ll show you the 5 things you need to do (they’re quite simple actually!) so that your gecko won’t climb out of the enclosure again!
  • How to Find a Missing Tokay Gecko. – So your gecko went missing again. How long did you spend to find it the last time it went missing? Probably hours. This checklist contains a list of common places at home that your gecko will most likely be hiding. Search through these places in this checklist and 90% of the time you’ll find your gecko!
  • A complete Tokay Gecko Beginner Guide. – You’ll get a checklist of what to lookout for, and buy when you’re at the pet shop. Don’t just follow the pet shop’s advise blindly!
  • Tokay Gecko FAQ. – Over the past year, I’ve received hundreds of questions about Tokay geckos; from gecko selection to housing, feeding and even breeding/raising geckos and beyond. In this compilation, you’ll find answers to the majority of the questions you’ll most likely have about your Tokay gecko.
  • Tokay Gecko Weekly Routine. – Do you have a plan for your gecko? What should you do each day? This short report provides you with a daily & weekly routine to-do list; from changing the water, checking the temperature, dust preys, remove uneaten food and lots more!

Now perhaps you’re able to figure out why I had said right at the start of the message that I am gonna expose the best of the best insider-secrets on bringing up Tokay geckos perfectly.

I’ll bet, with the amount of information I have packed in “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” it’s completely a winner by itself.

Believe me, “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” is superbly ahead of anything in the market that even remotely tries to come closer to it in terms of extent, depth and clarity of handling.

It’s simply unparalleled, perfectly compiled, all set out to make your experience of owning a Tokay gecko as pet, or breed it as a professional, or simply love and take care of these lovely reptiles, a real pleasurable one.

Now if you’re thinking you’ll have to shell out a hell lot of money to own your “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko”, you’re wrong.

It’s only $19, just the kind of money you’ll be spending on dinner for two in a local steakhouse. A gecko may cost you between $80 and $100. But tell me one thing. Will you ever compromise on any relationship for just a few dollars?

Just imagine, your child or your partner watching his or her dear leo getting slowly and slowly out of form.

And you’re standing and watching, day in and day out, completely clueless how to handle the situation and stop things from going out of hand.

Yes, my friend, only $19 today can save your day and stop that unwanted embarrassment walking into your life tomorrow.

What’s more, by spending only $19, you’ll actually own materials worth $84.

Order now for only $19

So don’t take chances and miss out on the opportunity.

Get your very own copy of “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” today, right now by clicking on this link:

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Beyond Compromise

Remember, no amount of money can ever compensate any break-up of relationship. When it’s over, it’s over for once and all.

So when you still have the time and the opportunity, don’t compromise and watch your Tokay gecko die an untimely death.

Go ahead and get your own copy of “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” and the exclusive Bonus titles right now, before it is all too late.

YES! Elizabeth, I’m convinced!

Your stuff seems to be great and I think will help me a lot to take care of my Tokay gecko properly.

And particularly when I am having the option to get my money refunded if I find your stuff not up to my expectation, I am willing to give it a solid try.


Rush me my copy, Elizabeth!

Pay By Secure Server. 100% Safe.

See your Tokay geckos living 10 years or more!

To Your Very Best,

For any inquires regarding these materials, feel free to email me at

P.S. – Oops, I just forgot! The bonus is “How to breed your gecko” … you’ll want this bonus if you want to experience the joy of breeding your Tokay Gecko.

P.P.S. – Oh, another thing! I have kept the $19 price tag on “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” on a no-profit-no-loss basis, to honor my commitment to the Tokay gecko-loving community. But due to sharp price escalation of all the input materials, the price will go up shortly. So before it becomes more costly, get your copy now.

No more bragging, Elizabeth! I want my Guide now, right this moment!

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* Our real names have been protected for privacy *

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==>> Complete Herb Garden How-to Guide – Fresh Herbs From Garden To Table

From: Lanny Danenberg, author of the ‘How-To’ book series

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about which herbs to plant indoors and which to plant in your outdoor garden in order to always have a vibrant, aromatic garden, then I know you’ll be delighted with my new book…


herbal gardening guideBreakthroughs in growing beautiful, healthy herbs without harmful chemicals have been reported in this amazing new eBook called ‘The Complete Herb Garden How-To Guide…Fresh, Inexpensive and Healthy Herbs from Garden to Table’.

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Here’s what you’ll discover in ‘The Complete Herb Garden How-To Guide…Fresh, Inexpensive and Healthy Herbs from Garden to Table’ eBook:

  • How to decide which of the many herbs YOU should plant with these simple techniques…
  • Little known, yet simple ways to grow fragrant, healthy herbs with little or no harmful chemicals…
  • Secret of expert culinary herb gardeners that few people ever know about…
  • 3 proven steps to owning the healthiest herb garden on your block……
  • 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to start making your own compost to add to your soil….
  • WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to caring for your herb garden….
  • You’ll discover in just a few short minutes how to prepare the proper soil that will promote lush herb growth…
  • 6 time-tested and proven strategies for growing herbs in pots and containers, whether indoors or out….
  • When to plant you annuals and your perennials….
  • 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for growing herbs right in your kitchen….
  • A pennies-on-the-dollar approach to bringing the quality of your soil up to the level of the professional gardener….
  • How often to water indoor potted herbs….
  • How to select herbs for your garden, based on what you intend to use them for….
  • The forgotten secret that instantly allows you to utilize more of your garden space and grow healthier herbs….

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This amazing bonus #1 is all about purchasing herb kits and other supplies that may not be available locally!  These special tips should save you a bunch of time and quite possibly some of your hard-earned cash as well.


  1. What special soil additives will really enhance your herbs.
  2. How to purchase gourmet herb seeds that you can’t find in your area.
  3. How to find Really Cool herb kits online!
  4. How to find useful, specialty tools of the trade.

FREE BONUS #2: “Herb Cooking Guide – with three of my all-time favorite recipes for using home-grown herbs.”

This amazing bonus #2 is all about preparing UNIQUE meals with your herbs that will always get rave reviews!

With these three delicious recipes, you’ll discover:

  • How to combine just the right ingredients that will make your pasta dishes irresistible!
  • How to combine herbs with other unusual ingredients for dishes that your guests can’t resist.

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