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A friends with benefits relation rules

Who haven’t every thought about friends with benefits relation.

Only pleasure, sex and no psychological attachmets.

Some of us would ask what are the rules of such relationship wihout relationship at all… or when the relationship between female and male begins.

Where is the turing point or even a mile sone where sex and romance evoulte into relationship…

A NLP practicer would say it is the metter of frames, so if we meet and have fun have sex, go out for a beer it is friends with benefits relationship if we say Hi I am so and so and I would like to meet you becuse I am looking for a girlfriend or even a wife it is a relation ship.
It is true to some exten but some times life has no common point with theroy as we plany stay somewere for 3 months and theny we spend there whole life…

Friends with benefits – what is happening between a man and a woman

At a psyhologial point o view friends with benefits can be a study about attraction, desire and all interactions taking place between female and male. Not every one ever thought how a romace begin and albout compex nature of mutal interactions that lead to that romance…

At a glace everting seems to be very simple but in fact there are a lot of subconscious signals and mechanizms. If fact we don’t know why this girl atracts us, or why that boy atracts our sister…

Sometimes we have our type and then it turns out we have an affair with someone completly different form out ideal partner

Friends with benefits movie

If you like romance and comedy movies friends with benefits  is good for you.

Lots of fun, New Your City and two people: a man and a woman. They meet at a job interview.

They begin as platonic friends and then they discover their mutal atraction.

If you had met someone and then you have felt strong desire you know what I am talking about,

If you hadn’t I may try to imagine this situation… Can you?