A “Bottomless Well” Of Pickup Lines?

Hey Man,

When we’re first learning how to attract women, most of us guys tend to be fascinated with how to start a conversation – without getting rejected (or worse).

I can remember reading books of pickup lines, trying some doozies (“You’re the luckiest girl in here.” “Why’s that?” “Because you’re talking to THIS GUY!”)… and generally hoping to find the magic opener that would get me a date without too much pain.

And yes, I actually tried that line I just mentioned, and it WORKED. Long story, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it!

I realized that there was an underlying formula, or a “key” that allowed me to say just about anything to a woman, and if she was single and available – I’d be able to get her info and then get a with her.

But the formula didn’t have anything to do with the WORDS I was using.

It had to do with how I saw myself, and the “role” I was playing as I entered this situation with her.

Now, I’m not talking about pretending to be an airline pilot, or anything weird like that. I’m talking about the reality that women have an unconscious image in their minds – of what a guy who they are attracted to BEHAVES like… and that’s a kind of “reference” for who to feel attracted to.

Once I got this, it changed everything for me.

I was literally able to create a “bottomless well” of pickup lines – and even conversation topics, for that matter.

The best part: It didn’t feel awkward or unnatural – and it wasn’t lying or trying to pretend to be something that wasn’t me.

I now believe, very strongly, that there is a powerful, underlying “code” that comes hard-wired inside of women, and if you know and understand that code, you can know how to trigger attraction.

That’s it. That’s what we need to learn how to do.

After identifying what this code was, and how it worked, I then went on to invest a few more years creating a series of 13 training programs about how to use it to attract women, get dates, and take things further with women.

Millions of men around the world have now used my methods, and the results are striking.

I now get a continual stream of guys writing to me, walking up to me, and telling me the stories about getting my training programs, changing their mindset and communication, and attracting the women that they’ve always wanted.

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Talk to you soon,

-David D.

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