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Once the results appear it’s a simple matter to pay a visit to about 10 web sites, and possibly more, and write down all the selling prices for the models you are interested in. Another section to search is the sponsored ads listed in the right column of the screen. Lots of times you can locate great sales by clicking on these sponsored advertisements.

After making your price list the next step is to repeat the entire process, but this time you will use a different search engine. All search engines are not created the same. Every one will furnish you with distinctive dealers that may provide similar or different models

Another good search engine that can provide many results is Go to new online dealers from this search and once again, make a note of the selling prices you come across. Keep track of their prices just like you did with your opening search. Like Google, they will have sponsored ads on their results pages too so check out some of these sponsored advertisements too. As soon as you’re done you will have a long list of selling prices.

The third search will entail a Google Product Search at This will furnish you with a great list of go karts in addition to photos and selling prices. Go through these results and keep track of their selling prices for the brands you are interested in.

See why…

Your only remaining stop is eBay. Go and see eBay and do a search just as you did before, being sure you keep track of the various selling prices for the brands you are most interested in. This will usually require you to follow a few auctions until they have reached completion, but it will give you a very good idea of how much different brands are selling for.

As you do your price comparisons you can additionally do more detailed searches. In the beginning you can use all-purpose terms when looking online, but as you start to narrow down the go kart models you are interested in you should use the precise model name when you search. Using more exact terms can give you many more dealers and prices for the precise style of go kart you are interested in.

Now for the hardest part. After going to these various websites and doing your price comparisons for the models you like, you’re done….at least for now. Just sit back and relax for a couple of weeks and then repeat the entire routine. If you did just a single search you would only have prices for one point in time. If you purchased something too soon you could possibly miss out on a sale just around the corner. After comparing prices over a few weeks you will typically be able to hit upon the cheapest possible price may save you a lot of money. Go kart racing is a thrilling and exhilarating sport, but it’s practically as exciting realizing you found the least expensive price for a great ride. But don’t forget, a top quality motor and go kart frame are a couple of essential factors if you are planning to succeed on the track. Go kart chassis are nearly as critical as go kart engines if you are planning to be successful on the course.