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The Only 3 Ways To Spark Attraction

NOTE: If you’d like to learn more about this secret “language of attraction” that all women speak… but most men don’t…then take a minute and read this right now:

Man, have you ever wondered why women you see out at bars and nightclubs (and even at malls and restaurants) sometimes dress so SEXY?

It’s an interesting question.

I mean, let’s think about it from the woman’s perspective…

An attractive woman gets attention from men all the time…no matter WHAT she’s wearing.

Attractive women don’t have to “accent” their beauty in order to attract men.

And the question becomes VERY interesting when you consider that often it’s the most BEAUTIFUL women that go to the GREATEST lengths to enhance their beauty.

You know what I mean…

A perfectly beautiful woman gets an expensive operation to make herself “one cup size” larger…

A tall, stunning model spends all day at the mall shopping for just the right high-heeled shoes…

A naturally beautiful woman spends hours in front of the mirror getting ready to go out…and puts on tons of makeup…


Could it possibly be worth all the extra time and effort…spending HOURS and HOURS to get that “extra little bit” of beauty, when a woman already has “more than enough”?

Hey, no one ever said women made SENSE.

(Don’t get too excited. Men have their strange points as well.)

Let me tell you about a few of the reasons why women go to these lengths to squeeze that “extra little bit” out of their beauty…

1. To Maximize Her Strengths In Order To Attract The Best Man

Let’s turn this picture around, and look at it from another direction.

Let’s imagine that an attractive woman is getting ready to go to a party.

There are going to be a hundred men and a hundred women at this party (I know, I know…you think that I must be smoking something…because most parties have 100 men and 10 women…and resemble the sausage counter at your local market…but humor me here for a second).

If there are going to be a hundred men at this party, it follows that a few of those men are going to be the “best” ones.

Do you think this particular woman is going to want to settle for one of the “random sausages” running around?


She wants the “best” one…if possible.

And that guy has OPTIONS.

Soooo…she needs to “fix herself up”, EVEN THOUGH SHE’S ALREADY BEAUTIFUL…if she wants to have the BEST chance of getting THAT guy.

2. Competition From Other Women

This particular idea was one of the most interesting and surprising things I learned about women while I was educating myself about dating and attraction.

Here’s the deal:

Attractive women tend to be VERY, VERY competitive.

A few years ago, when I first moved to Los Angeles, I was introduced to a concept called “The Bitch Look”.

Sounds charming, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it works…

When a “hot” woman walks into a room, EVERYONE checks her out.

The “sausage” looks her up and down with a “let me get a really good look because I’ll be using her as a spank-it fantasy later” stare.

The “top guys”, who have options, glance at her and make a “mental note” to talk to her later.

The OTHER hot women look at her and give her… yep, you guessed it….THE BITCH LOOK.


Because another hot woman is instantly seen as COMPETITION.

A hot woman doesn’t want OTHER hot women competing with her for the “best guys”.

So they give other women “bitch looks”.

It’s competition, intimidation, and millions of years of evolution all rolled up into one special package.

(Think about this for a minute, because there’s a clue here about how to attract the MOST attractive women. I’ll reveal the secret later…)

So let’s just say that attractive women DON’T LIKE COMPETITION.

In order to MINIMIZE their competition, they FIX THEMSELVES UP… and emphasize their good points TO THE MAX.

When an already-beautiful woman goes to the trouble to pick out just the right clothes…the ones that flatter her figure…and put on just the right makeup…in a way that draws attention to her finer points…and styles her hair…in a way that draws attention to her and frames her face…

…it puts her ABOVE the competition

3. To Get The Most Attention And Approval

Now that we’ve talked about a couple of the underlying reasons why women go to great lengths to make themselves more beautiful, I want to talk about the one reason that has the most VALUE to you…

This reason holds the secret of actually ATTRACTING beautiful women.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…

At the very CORE of human psychology and behavior are the twin concepts of ATTENTION and APPROVAL.

Some evolutionary theorists think that the basic formula goes like this:

If you get more attention from others, and those others like you more, then you and your offspring are more likely to survive and pass on your genes to future generations.

Is this making sense?

Think about it this way:

If others of your species DON’T like you and don’t give you any attention, you are going to have a hard time finding a mate… and reproducing.

And if others don’t like you, then you aren’t going to have the benefits that come from the group… like protection, combined effort, etc.

It just so happens that an attractive woman has a SUBCONSCIOUS (but VERY accurate) indicator of whether or not “the group” likes and approves of her…

It’s the amount of ATTENTION she gets.

If a woman is getting a lot of attention, it keeps her feeling “OK”. She knows, on a deep, primal level that she’s accepted by the group… and that she’s going to stay healthy and have a good chance of mating with a “top male”.

But this particular concept has a DARK SIDE to it…and don’t they all?

Just like anything else that triggers feelings/emotions (very addictive chemicals), attention and approval can lead to a literal ADDICTION.

It’s like money, fame, power…all the famous ones… YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

And here’s another VERY interesting point:

If you’re a beautiful woman who is always getting attention and approval from men and you meet a man who DOESN’T give you that attention and approval, it has an INSTANT and POWERFUL impact.

Furthermore, if the man you’re interacting with actively AVOIDS giving you attention…and gives you DISAPPROVAL, it can have the effect of instantly SCRAMBLING YOUR SYSTEMS.

Again, attractive women don’t meet a lot of guys that could care less about her beauty…and instead see it as a “cover up” for some “hidden” thing…

Which leads me to the “secret” I mentioned earlier…

If you want to learn how to ATTRACT these “unusually beautiful” women, then you need to get a clue about what creates the idea in her mind that YOU are one of the most “desirable” men.

And how can you do that?

…Oh, by the way, before I give you the secret here, I want to mention something: If you want to REALLY get an “insider education” on the deeper psychology of attracting women…and on how to build a powerful SEXUAL PRESENCE…then I highly recommend that you check out my “Power Sexuality” program. This is like ROCKET FUEL for creating CHEMISTRY with attractive women…and you can only get it in one place:

OK, back to the secret…

1) Become rich and famous


2) Get plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt


3) Trigger ATTRACTION inside of her.

Here’s the interesting thing about triggering ATTRACTION:

When you do it, she can’t CONTROL it.

If a woman starts feeling ATTRACTION for you, I’ll guarantee you that she didn’t “THINK about it and DECIDE to feel it”.

And I guarantee you that she can’t CHANGE IT by THINKING ABOUT IT.

And guess what one of the BEST ways is to TRIGGER this “automatic and subconscious” physical and emotional response called attraction IS?

Here’s a hint:

It has something to do with these two concepts we’ve been talking about…ATTENTION and APPROVAL.

If you’re interacting with an unusually attractive woman, it’s VERY important that you don’t communicate to her that you are “overwhelmed by her beauty”…or that you can’t control yourself.

Furthermore, if you actively control the amount of attention that you give her…and you don’t show her “approval” too quickly (and even show her some DISAPPROVAL)…you’ll often create a POWERFUL interest inside of her.

Why is this?

Well, think about it for a minute.

You’re the hot woman walking into the “sausage party”.

For the first two hours, you keep having guys walk up to you and say, “You’re really hot” and “Can I get you a drink?”

Every guy that comes within ten feet of you can’t stop looking at you, and the ones that talk to you make it clear that they would be willing to do anything for you…

And then you meet a guy that isn’t like any of these other guys AT ALL.

He’s clearly not impressed with your beauty, and he’s even busting your balls…

You can’t tell if he likes you or not, and you feel CHALLENGED by him.

How are you going to respond?

Let’s add another element…

For some reason you can’t explain, you’re starting to feel a GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for him.

NOW what do you do?

That’s right: You give him all of YOUR attention and approval… hoping that he will give YOU some in return.

In other words, you switch from the one being pursued to the one DOING the pursuing.

And so the question is…HOW?

How do you create this situation, and communicate these things to an attractive woman?

How do you do it in such a way that it creates ATTRACTION…and gets her to start pursuing YOU?

I’ve given you a lot of good ideas here.

They will get you started.

But, if you’d REALLY like to learn how to take control of “attention and approval” and turn them into TOOLS that you can use to attract those “unusually beautiful” women, then I’d like to recommend that you invest in my Cocky Comedy online video program.

It has taken me many years of time, effort, and energy to really “get” how to use a “personality based approach” to attract beautiful women.

If you’ve been reading these newsletters for any length of time, then you understand just how important the “Cocky & Funny” technique is for attracting women.

You may have even used it, and found that it gets a VERY different kind of response from women than “normal conversation”.

Well, in this program, I and some amazing guest speakers will teach you the foundations of Cocky Comedy… and then we’ll teach you literally HUNDREDS of different ways to use it… with individual scripts and lines…

And we’ll teach you how to weave it all together into conversations in ANY situation.

This program is not only comprehensive, but it’s COMPLETELY different from anything else available anywhere.

It’s a concept that I’ve pioneered, and it’s only available here.

I really encourage you to go here and watch the video clips of the program (you’ll get a lot from just watching the samples):

And I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

P.S. If you haven’t taken the time to go and download my online eBook “Double Your Dating”, then you need to do that immediately. You can download it right now, and be reading it in literally MINUTES. It will teach you a TON about how to control yourself and your interactions with women in a way that triggers ATTRACTION…go download it here:

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Video Tip: Try This When A Woman (or Anyone Else) Treats You Badly

So. A woman treats you badly… a coworker gets under your skin… a buddy makes you mad.

Tell me: what do YOU usually do about it?

Do you usually just “take it”… getting “beat up” and coming away feeling like a loser?

If so, guess what: there’s a reason you act like this… like a “doormat”… and it usually has something to do with how you feel about yourself on the INSIDE.

This why I want you to know NOW that there are things you can do — NOW — to START WINNING in both LIFE and LOVE.

See one powerful example in TODAY’S VIDEO TIP. Click “play” to WATCH IT NOW:

Oh, and if you can’t see the video above, click here.

Hey Man,

I recently recorded a standing-room-only live seminar for men with painful, crippling “Inner Game” issues.

In other words: it was for men who basically feel HELPLESS (and HOPELESS) and when it comes confronting and handling LIFE’S BIG ISSUES.

Issues like success with women, naturally.

But also, issues like how to TAKE CONTROL in life in GENERAL… in EVERY area… from dealing with friends and family to making career choices.

It was an AMAZING day with mind-blowing breakthroughs all around, and I couldn’t be more proud.

But here’s the part I want to share with you…

I brought in a VERY SPECIAL GUEST for the live seminar that day.

His name is Dr. Paul, and in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, he’s the definition of the words “INNER GAME EXPERT.”

He’s a world-class psychiatrist who’s been profiled on CNN… USA Today… The Wall Street Journal… you name it. Basically the ultimate authority when it comes to mastering your “inner game.”

Dr. Paul and I got to talking that day about situations where guys find themselves being mistreated by another person.

It could be a woman they just approached… a boss… a coworker… a buddy or family member.

Again… whatever.

In every case, every man in the room felt like YES… they’d been HURT, USED, or TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF in life… and that they desperately wanted to learn how to START COMING OUT ON TOP in these situations.

That’s when Dr. Paul shared his famous, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN way to take back CONTROL and “win every time” when someone mistreats you.

I mean, this one’s literally THE BOMB.

It’s guaranteed to work on ANYONE — in ANY scenario — to make you feel CONFIDENT, IN- CONTROL, and like a WINNER when someone treats you badly.

You’ve got to hear what Dr. Paul has to say… it’s an EXTREMELY powerful, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN way for guys with “inner game” issues to start turning things around!

Check it out here:

Your friend,

David D.

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Want to Derail Your Relationship? Listen to this Common Advice

Common Advice That Can Derail Your Relationship When you’re tying the knot, friends and family may share a few nuggets of advice for living happily ever after. They also may be quick to share their input when you’re going through a difficult time in your marriage. Or you might even seek their guidance, hoping a different perspective will help you fix what’s broken.

But this advice might not necessarily be right — or right for your relationship. Below, relationship experts share common advice that not only doesn’t work but may even derail your marriage.

“Never go to bed angry.”

This advice suggests that couples in conflict keep arguing until they find a solution. But this can leave you quarreling in circles, boosting your anger, without resolving a thing.

When people are already upset, their reptilian brain – the amygdala – can hijack their emotions and thinking, said Susan Lager, LICSW, a psychotherapist and relationship coach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

“This primitive part of the brain only knows ‘fight, flight or freeze’ as responses to perceived danger.” This worked great for cavemen being chased by predators. However, they’re not helpful for present-day problems, which require “perspective, language, self-awareness, empathy [and] negotiation.”

Instead of continuing to argue while you’re in this heightened state – angry, exhausted and less rational – the best solution is a timeout, even if that means going to bed upset.

Then you can return to the conversation in a calmer state with a clearer perspective. “I say to couples, ‘Unless you get hit by a truck, there are usually opportunities ahead to resolve things reasonably.’”

“You just can’t trust them.”

“Such advice almost always comes from friends projecting their negative experiences and circumstances onto you,” said Steven Stosny, Ph.D, author of Living and Loving after Betrayal, Love without Hurt, and How to Improve Your Marriage without Talking about It.

Good advice, however, supports you in drawing your own conclusions from your own experiences, he said.

“If your partner has an affair, get a divorce.”

“This is terrible advice for many couples, because often violations of trust can be repaired and healed if couples love each other, and are committed to doing the work of rebuilding,” said Lager, author of Become Relationship Smart Without A Lifetime Of Therapy. She works with couples every day on repairing their relationships after infidelity.

“Don’t give them any credit; don’t be played the fool.”

This is another piece of advice people give to spouses who’ve been cheated on, according to Wendy T. Behary, LCSW, an expert in the subject of couples and narcissism and author of the book Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed.

Regaining trust in a marriage where infidelity has occurred is complicated and takes hard work. When the spouse who had the affair is trying to repair the damage, this kind of advice can potentially derail progress, and leave couples at a stalemate.

“You just need time.”

Friends, family and the media also dole out this advice when a spouse has cheated. Time can be helpful for the other partner to catch his or her breath and get some distance, Behary said. But it’s not enough.

It’s important for partners to know what they can focus on during this time, she said. For instance, this might include figuring out what you need from your partner in order to regain trust and feel secure in the marriage. It might include figuring out if you’d like to stay in the relationship in the first place and why. It also might include developing different connections, such as making new friends or learning new skills, she said.

“Marriage shouldn’t take this much work.”

The reality is that all relationships take work. And there will be issues with every partner, Lager said.

Usually the beginning of your relationship is blissful. “Most relationships start with starry-eyed innocence, and an amplified experience of ‘oneness’ rooted in our biology. Without this lovely bonding, the species wouldn’t have survived.” But over time the differences between you become more apparent, and conflict arises. Having conflict isn’t a problem. It’s a normal part of healthy relationships, Lager said.

The key is in how couples manage that conflict, and “whether they’re open to learning and growing through it.” Of course, sometimes, working on a relationship is damaging to a person, Lager said. That may happen when a spouse is “abusive, untrustworthy or unloving.”

“You just need to learn communication skills.”

This isn’t necessarily bad advice. It just isn’t enough, Behary said. “I can teach you the mechanics [of good communication] but it’s not going to stick until you figure out what drives you and gets you stirred up.”

For instance, a husband promises to be home early to spend time with his wife and kids. However, because of work demands, he continues running late. And his wife continues feeling disappointed. When he gets home, before she even says anything, he’s angry and defensive.

Saying all the right things won’t help him understand that he anticipates being the bad guy, and this triggers his reactions, Behary said.

It’s not just about learning to communicate better. “Sometimes it’s about the emotions behind the words.”

“Don’t spill your secrets to a stranger.”

Because of their own biases, some friends and family will advise against seeking professional help, Behary said. They also may be too much on your side, she said.

They might express some version of: “Don’t go talking to a therapist. They’ll just mess up your head, and blame your parents for everything. This isn’t your problem. You’re perfectly fine. It’s [his or her] fault.”

It’s important for partners to examine how each of them is contributing to their marital problems. Going to therapy helps you figure this out and improve your relationship with the support of an objective and trained professional.

Ultimately, if you’re getting advice from loved ones on navigating your relationship, remember that people have their own biases and motivations (well-intended or not). You also may get confusing or mixed messages, Behary said. Plus, “not everyone is trying to protect you.”

If you’re giving advice to a loved one, the best thing you can do is to listen, be comforting and encourage the person to seek help, she said.

Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. is an Associate Editor at Psych Central and blogs regularly about eating and self-image issues on her own blog, Weightless.

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Affirm Your True, Authentic Self

Affirm Your True, Authentic SelfEvery time you affirm your true, authentic self, every cell in your body cheers “Yes!” Every time you negate yourself or allow others to do so, it has negative biological consequences. Affirming your true self means taking action to meet your needs; expressing who you really are; thinking good thoughts about yourself and taking action to do what you really want.

Affirming yourself entails putting yourself at the center of your decision-making — something hard for codependents, who are other-focused, ignore their needs, and have trouble asserting themselves.

Negating yourself or allowing others to do so has the opposite effect. Neuroscience has substantiated the body-mind connection, revealing that hormones, neurotransmitters, immunotransmitters, and neuropeptides all respond to emotion, imagery, and thought. The powerful placebo effect is an example of how thoughts can heal. Merely talking about food can make you hungry, a sad memory or movie can make you cry, and imagining a lemon can make your mouth water. Research shows that low self-esteem is linked to stress and higher cortisol responses. Over time it affects brain structures.

It’s important to note that it’s not just the amount of stress that’s pivotal, but the belief in your ability to handle it that matters. Codependents with low self-esteem more often perceive situations as stressful – like saying “no” or asking for help – that needn’t be. However, taking such actions in the face of anxiety builds self-esteem and confidence; shunning them increases a fear response.

Self-affirming actions can be challenging for codependents. Typically, they’re disconnected from their authentic self and are preoccupied with, take the lead from, and react to others. They unconsciously don’t believe they’re important and deserving of love or respect. Some don’t feel entitled to happiness or success. Low self-esteem makes them self-critical. It’s hard for them to be proud and self-encouraging. Their shame leads to fear and anxiety about being judged, making mistakes, and failing. From being shamed as children, they may not be able to identify their needs, feelings, and wants, or believe that their feelings, opinions, or needs matter. These are all obstacles to taking self-affirming action, self-expression, decision-making, and putting themselves first.

Being loved and accepted are paramount for codependents. To ensure this, they hide who they really are and become who they aren’t. They tend to accommodate others rather than affirm their true self. They may anticipate anger, criticism, rejection, or abuse for setting limits, because that is what they experienced in childhood. As adults, due to low self-esteem they often choose partners and friends who repeat that pattern. Many even accept abuse rather than risk rejection or end toxic relationships, including friendships. Some fear being alone.

Adding to their predicament, codependents don’t realize their own power in asserting themselves. They may have had an abusive, narcissistic, or addict parent(s) and learned that their voice didn’t matter. Moreover, they were never protected and didn’t learn how to stand up for themselves.

Codependents frequently misinterpret others’ responses in a negative light. The following is an example of how expectations of others (including that they read your mind) and negative, personalized interpretations of behavior can lead to hurt feelings, which reinforce low self-esteem and feeling unlovable.

Bonnie was terribly hurt when her boyfriend Mark refused to lend her money, which he had and she needed and wanted. She took this to mean that he didn’t love or care about her. Adding to the problem, she never actually requested a loan, but presumed he should have offered anyway. The truth was that he was raised to have different beliefs about money and lending, and therefore disagreed with her expectations and her assumptions about how he should act.

After she understood his background, and even though he was empathetic to her situation, she couldn’t forgive him unless he agreed with her about what he should have done. She was surprised when I questioned why his disagreement (which clearly had nothing to do with her) meant he neither understood nor loved her and why he couldn’t both love her and disagree. These were novel thoughts that hadn’t occurred to her.

Taking self-affirming action can feel uncomfortable at first and create anxiety, guilt, and self-doubt. Plan to expect this — like soreness after using weak muscles — and know that it’s a sign that you’re doing the right thing. Give yourself credit for taking a risk. Doing so builds self-esteem and your authentic true self.

After a while, such actions feel more natural and less anxiety-provoking, until one day, you find yourself spontaneously doing them — setting limits, asking for what you want, trying something new, expressing a minority opinion, giving yourself credit, and doing more enjoyable activities – even alone. You find you have less resentments and judgments and that relationships are easier. You start to like and love yourself and enjoy the process of living.

Darlene LancerDarlene Lancer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in relationships, codependency, and addiction. She has a broad range of experience, working with individuals and couples for more than twenty-five years. Her focus is on helping individuals overcome obstacles to leading fuller lives, and helping couples enhance their communication, intimacy, and passion. She is a speaker, freelance writer, and maintains private practice in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, see, where you can also get the FREE ebook, “14 Tips for Letting Go.”

Find her book Codependency for Dummies at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can follow her on Facebook at

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    Last reviewed: By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on 10 Dec 2013
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Your Questions, My Approaching Women Quiz, And More!

How good are YOU at handling the “BIG MOMENT?”

In other words: when it comes time to “make your move” with a woman, do you SAY and DO everything just right to take things to the next level?

Or… do you find yourself totally “blowing it” by doing something wrong — or worse, by doing NOTHING AT ALL?

The difference between these drastically different outcomes is just a few SIMPLE SKILLS… skills that *ANY* man can LEARN — to guarantee success when it comes time to “make his move.”

Learn how to get these skills for yourself, quickly and easily, right here:

Hey Man,

Today’s reader mailbag is about all the ways guys BLOW IT when approaching women…

… and how *you* can do it RIGHT to get killer results instead.

So check out today’s reader emails and my responses below (including a powerful “Approaching Women” quiz that EVERY “shy” guy should take right NOW).

Let’s dive in:


Hello David,

I like a girl (20 yrs old) and I am 24. We are all college students.

Recently, she didn’t reply to me anymore nor is she seeming online anymore after approaching her. Today, I use a invisibility detector to check if she is online (but invisible).

Then I saw that she is invisible, I jump on and say Hi, I know you are invisible, have a good night.

Then she replied me that “If you know that I am invisible, you should know that I need private time. I try to keep the friendship with you but…”

I wonder what should I do here.



Listen to me close on this one, TT:

Any time that a woman “blows you off” (also known as doing not-so-subtle things like “hiding” from you online) then I can guarantee you 2 things:

1) It’s not some kind of computer glitch — you said or did something to basically make her want nothing to do with you.


2) At this point, there’s almost nothing you can do to fix the situation.

You see, once you come across as “Wuss” or a “loser” when first meeting a woman, it’s almost impossible to change her mind.

And again:

It’s ALWAYS something that YOU said or did that’s caused it to happen!

That in mind, here’s what I want you to do…

Stop wondering if there’s anything you can do to win her back.

And PLEASE… stop thinking about “confessing that you like her” (the NUCLEAR BOMB of Wussdom).

Instead, take this opportunity to take a look at YOURSELF… why it is you’re acting in ways that make a woman block you online… and start figuring out how you can STOP getting these kinds of reactions.

I’ll get you started, TT:

I want you and every guy reading this to take my quick “Approaching Women” quiz, and try to be brutally honest with your answers.

Okay, here we go:

QUESTION #1: When you first approach a woman, what should both your words and body language be communicating to her?

a) That you couldn’t care less how she feels about you, or how things turn out.

b) That you’re very interested in her, and that you’d love to have a long conversation.

c) That you’re a bit nervous about approaching her, but it’s okay. It’s “cute” and “charming.”

QUESTION #2: What should you be thinking about as you start talking to a woman that you just met?

a) Getting her number and getting out fast.

b) Keeping a fascinating conversation going with her to make her like you.

c) How to control all that stuttering and stammering you’re doing.

QUESTION #3: During a first conversation with a woman, do you:

a) Bust on her and make teasing jokes.

b) Behave extremely politely and treat her with total respect, just like your mom taught you.

c) Offer to buy her some drinks and maybe even dinner.

QUESTION #4: After a few minutes of conversation with a woman, do you:

a) Leave suddenly, telling her that there’s somewhere else you need to be.

b) Do everything you can to “lock down” that first date.

c) Linger around her for as long as possible to make sure that you stay “on her radar”

Okay, that’s it, TT. Let’s see how you and everyone else out there did…

If you answered anything but (A) to every question above, we need to talk.

You see, most guys are just plain clueless about what they’re really “communicating” to a woman when they first approach her…

… as well as what they’re NOT communicating.

Most guys are basically running around like headless chickens, doing things that they’re not even aware of to KILL their chances of success.

Or — if they are aware of what they’re doing — they’re not aware of what it makes a woman THINK about them.

Worst of all:

Because most guys feel so “clueless” and “helpless,” they default to saying and doing whatever they *think* will please a woman… mentally anticipating what they think she’s going to do and trying to “kiss up” to her.

In fact, if most of us guys could get a realistic look at how much we’re trying to act in a way that pleases women, we’d slap ourselves.

So here’s what I want you to take away from this quiz, TT…

When you first start talking to a woman, your inner attitude, words, AND actions are critical.

Every thought, idea, and preconceived notion you bring with you as you approach a woman changes your body language.

Every word you say reflects those thoughts.

That’s why, if you don’t feel confident on the INSIDE… knowing how to control your body language… knowing exactly what to say to create attraction… in other words, how to communicate that you’re an in-demand, in-control man (even if you’re NOT)…

… then you’ll probably be mentally discounted (also known as REJECTED) by her within seconds.

Of course, to project confident inner beliefs and attitudes that ARE attractive to women, you can’t just “fake” them.

Shocking fact is, I used to try all kinds of self- help “tricks” and “techniques” to make this happen when I first met a great woman.

But when it came down to it, no matter how well these “techniques” claimed to work, women always seemed to lose interest in me as soon as I approached.

And it was all because I just didn’t get it:

As I said, there’s no way to “fake” this stuff!

So what was the solution?

It involved acquiring the ability to do 2 things like they were second-nature to me:

1) FEELING confident and in-control on the INSIDE whenever I approached a new woman.

2) BEHAVING accordingly, as if I COULDN’T CARE LESS how it turned out.

Once I learned how to do just these 2 things, EVERYTHING CHANGED for me.

I was suddenly communicating very quickly to the women I wanted that I wasn’t just another Wussy or desperate loser who just wanted to get in her pants.

And then women began to REACT to my approaches in whole new ways… MIND-BLOWING ways.

Details about how ANY man can learn to do it, too (in 5 easy steps!) right here:

And by the way, TT — bear in mind that you may STILL get the occasional “blow off” from a woman. You just have to just move on and learn not to take it personally.

Even if she’s hiding from you online.

Just get on with working on your “Inner Game”… then getting out and meeting a ton of wonderful NEW women out there…

… women who are desperately hoping to meet a CONFIDENT, IN-CONTROL guy…

… and watch what happens!


Hi Dave,

I met a girl while she was bartending at the place where I used to bartend. I flirted with her for a couple of her shifts when I was there with my buddies. I asked for her number and got it.

I found out that she has a boyfriend of about 8 months. I find myself thinking of her as my girlfriend, but still knowing that she is still going home to him at night.

Everything about this situation tells me to stay away, but I cant help to think that I would be missing out until I follow it through till the end.

Do I put an ultimatum on the table?

J.S. Milwaukee


Well J.S., there are two ways to look at this:

One way is, you need to use a little common sense and understand an important fact:


And , although I admire your confidence that you have a shot at getting her if you try, I really don’t recommend it.

It’s because, first off… did I mention… SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!

Therefore, even if she responds to your “ultimatum” by deciding to drop the other guy, things could get messy for you if this guy’s in the vicinity, you know what I mean?

And who needs that?

Second: the fact that she’s so willing to flirt with you while she’s still with him… even possibly drop him for you… should have you thinking.

Maybe she’d be willing to do the same to you down the road.

So… unless you’re just looking for some dates and some dangerous fun… your time and effort would be MUCH better spent on meeting an AVAILABLE, high-quality woman at this point.

You’ll be glad you did.


I have a really good friend of mine who I asked out before I began reading your material and she rejected me. I didn’t take it personal… but ever since then our friendship has grown stronger, and now its to a point where I like her and she clearly is attracted to me.

I have used the C&F routine on her every time we hang out… she always wants to hangout with me.

She is very flirtatious when she is with me. I don’t know if I should move on, or go against your teachings and make a move.



Hey GS,

Want to know how you can “make a move” at this point and NOT go against my teachings?

Just go ahead and do it!

That’s right — by getting off that hesitating, uncertain, insecure Wussy-fence that you’re sitting on… and just TAKING ACTION to see where you stand with this woman… you’ll NEVER have to worry about going against my teachings.

In fact, you’ll be following my teachings to a T.

Now, of course, if she rejects you again, and instead of finally moving on you hang around… constantly calling her… running errands for her…

… THEN you’ll be going against my teachings (and everything that it means to be a REAL MAN) big time.

Then I’m going to have to come over and slap you.

But, until then, here’s how I suggest that you proceed with this woman:

When the time feels right, don’t “ask” before you make a move.

There’s nothing wussier (and more likely to shut down any feelings of attraction a woman may be starting to feel for you) than “asking” for permission.

So just go for it, preferably using my “Kiss Test”.

You can learn more about that one here:

But there’s also a deeper issue here that we need to talk about.

Here’s the thing…

I often say that one of the most powerful ways to amp up attraction before “making your move” with any woman is to leave her wanting more.

So, if when you’re getting “mixed” signals from a woman like this, I recommend that you immediately make yourself a bit SCARCE in her life.

This leaves her intrigued and wondering what’s up… the best way to ramp-up ATTRACTION.

In the meantime, go out and get another woman’s number and email. And then another. And another.

See what’s going on here?

You’re establishing a whole other mindset.

You’re becoming the one who’s in control and sets the rules about how things are going to go in your love life.

You have to run the process of meeting and getting dates with great women like a business.

Don’t count on one woman for success. Go out on the weekend and get 20 numbers, then call them all on Monday and set up dates for the week.

Once you get into a pattern like this, you’ll become much more of a “natural” at creating attraction in “hesitant” women like the one you talk about in your email…

… and in EVERY OTHER woman as well.

In fact, just about every man alive can use a refresher in one way or another on how to attract a woman and make a move, so let’s quickly review my main concept:


This basically means that a woman doesn’t consciously CHOOSE to feel attracted to a man.

Attraction happens for reasons that seem very illogical to most men, the biggest among them being what I mentioned above:

Before you make your move with a woman, she needs to feel like you’re not easily accessible, at her beck and call, and always around.

Yet what do MOST guys usually do?

They call a woman three times a day… they run errands for her… they and want to see her all the time.

They basically become predictable, expected, and uninteresting instead of ATTRACTIVE. So they get no reaction… or a BAD reaction… when they try to make their move.

Ugh. It’s never pretty.

More importantly… this then creates a lack of confidence that spills over into other areas of his life as well.

It blows up into a MAJOR insecurity issue that can cause a lot of problems throughout a man’s life.

This is a HUGE deal.

Let’s face it… just about everything about how a man feels about himself is tied to his success with women!

More of the fascinating, life-altering details on that here:

Hope it helps.

Then again…

If you USE all of this information, I won’t have to “hope” that it helps.

I absolutely *know* that it will.


Dear Dave,

I recently got out of a casual dating relationship. This particular girl dumped me and said she wants to be “friends.”

She wouldn’t let me kiss her on any of our five dates, because of reasons like “spontaneity” and “not knowing me well enough.”

What’s up?



Hey CR, there seems to be a lot of this going around today.

“What’s up,” you ask, when a woman won’t kiss you after five dates because “she doesn’t know you well enough”?


What’s a girl have to do, hit you over the head with a 9-iron until you get the message?

How about a hockey stick?


Like I just told GS, the key for becoming more than “just friends” with a woman is this:

Creating the magical emotion called ATTRACTION inside her.

It’s all that matters.


And I could end this answer with that.

But I’m hearing these problems so much that I want to go deeper for every guy who keeps doing the wrong things with women… then wonders why he can’t even get a kiss.

If you take nothing else away from this mailbag this week, take away this:

Once you know how to make a woman feel attraction for you, there’s nothing she can do about it.

She’ll becomes helpless with wanting to be with you.

Hell, she’ll even do most of the work to make it happen!

Until you totally accept this fact and live by it, you’re doomed to remain the kind of “nice”, overly accommodating, uninteresting, predictable, boring guy that no woman wants to “be with”, if you get my meaning.

Now listen… I know exactly what you’re thinking at this point…

It’s the same thing that every lifetime, card- carrying “wuss” tells me when I explain this for the first time…

They tell me that women should be treated like queens… that making them “fall in love” is all about being their “knights in shining armor”… being sensitive and catering to their every whim.

To which I say this:

How’s that been working out for you?

But we already know the answer, don’t we?

It’s leading to women telling you that you lack “spontaneity” and they don’t “know you well enough” to get physical with you.

Basically, a fate worse than death.

That’s why, CR, I hope that some of this hits home and gets you thinking about taking action to change things.

Otherwise, women will just continue to test you to see if you’re the kind of “real man” they want to get physical with — and when you fail that test, it’ll be “game over.”

I mean… why do you think so many women end up with “jerks” that you can’t believe they’re with?

It’s because, as a woman begins to feel the “real man” vibe that’s usually associated with “jerk” behavior, it stirs certain responses in her.

Responses that cause her to put aside logic and reason in the effort to be with him.

Pay attention, now, CR…

This is why, if you can’t pass her tests by responding to her in “real man” ways (e.g: by being confident, unpredictable, cocky & funny, in- control, etc.) then you’ve got no chance with her.

So, to answer your original question, here’s “what’s up” CR…

I’d bet the farm that you’ve been acting like an insecure Wussbag around this woman instead of like a “real man.”

You need to STOP DOING THIS.

As in, right now.

But I know… easier said than done, right?

Well guess what…

That’s what I used to think, too.

But then I made it my mission to start learning WHAT WORKS to make women feel that irresistible “real man” vibe, and I’m not going to lie:

It took a VERY LONG TIME to figure it out.

It took YEARS to discover how making just a few SIMPLE changes in my behavior with women could CHANGE EVERYTHING for me in both love and LIFE.

And I do NOT want you to have to go through what I did — those YEARS of experimentation, observation, and research — to get up to speed on this.

That’s why I’ve pulled together EVERYTHING I learned about becoming the kind of “real man” that women FIGHT each other to be with into one place:

It’s my legendary “Man Transformation” program.

If you feel like there’s something “missing” in how you feel about yourself (and therefore how you interact with women) then I GUARANTEE it:

Watching my “Man Transformation” program is the place that YOU need to be right now.

Click here for a FREE PREVIEW:

Now get on it, then let me know how it goes.

Oh… and a note to all of you:

Keep sending me those emails, and keep checking back here for my next mailbag answers.

The next one may be EXACTLY what YOU need to hear.

Until then…

Your friend,

David D.

P.S. Ever wonder how it feels to walk into a room and know that you could get a date with the most attractive women there?

Here’s the hidden “magic secret” to making this fantasy a reality:

Learn how to build an INSTANT EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with that woman… all in a way that NO OTHER MAN knows how to do… and you’ll instantly come across as the “Mr. Right” she’s spent her whole life looking for!

Here’s how to do it:

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How To Make A Woman Beg You To Get Physical


There’s 1 HUGE MISTAKE that nearly ALL men make when trying to “getting physical” with a woman… and it ALWAYS makes her run screaming for the door.

But guess what — all YOU have to do is NOT make this mistake… and the next woman you’re with will be so grateful (and TURNED ON) that she’ll beg you to take things further.

Learn what that BIG MISTAKE is — and how to make sure YOU never make it again — right here:


Okay, listen… I have to admit it…

Lately I’ve been talking to you about some VERY “deep” stuff when it comes to women and dating.

We’ve discussed how to permanently overcome your fears of approaching women and getting rejected.

We’ve talked about how to “transform” yourself into the kind of man who can get any woman he wants, any time he wants.

We’ve talked about how to “close the deal” with women to get more dates than you can handle…

We’ve even gone into how to have a great RELATIONSHIP (man, sometimes I still can’t believe we’ve gone there…)

But like Tom Cruise said in “Risky Business”, sometimes you just have to say “what the ****” and get down to it….

That in mind…

Today, I want to talk about a subject I hear from hundreds of guys a month about…


That’s why, in just a moment, I’m going to get into the BEST WAY to take things from “hello” to HOT AND HEAVY with a woman…

But even better… how to make her BEG you for it.

But first, the ground rules:

#1) I’m going to assume that you’ve overcome all your fear and “shyness” when it comes to approaching women.

#2) I’m going to assume that you know how to approach a woman in different situations and start conversations.

Finally, and most important…

#3) I’m going to assume that you know EXACTLY what to say and do to get numbers from women… and then close the deal to get actual DATES.

In other words, I’m going to assume that you’ve laid all the necessary groundwork for “getting physical” by mastering the principles and techniques of CREATING ATTRACTION.


Because if you don’t have a handle on the basics of creating ATTRACTION yet, this is the cold, hard fact:

NOTHING I’m about to tell you will help you “get physical” with a woman.

Why not?

Because women won’t give you the time of the day — let alone consider you as a sexual partner — until you understand HOW ATTRACTION WORKS.

And I am NOT talking about having to look like a movie star, drive a sick car, or have lots of money.

ATTRACTION is *NOT* about any of these things.


That’s why, if YOU need to a crash course on how to CREATE ATTRACTION… 100% by what you say and do… I need you to go here right now:

Then, once you understand these basics, here’s the VERY good news…

It’s EASIER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED to take things to a physical level with a woman… and do it FAST.

Even make her BEG you to take her to bed.

That in mind, let’s dive in…

As a starting point, let’s imagine you’re coming to the end of your first date with a woman you really like.

Now, if you’ve listened to me at all, you know that this date BETTER NOT have included buying her an expensive dinner.

Let’s say you’re a good student of mine, and that you took her for late coffee.

Well done.

Now it’s time…

You’re going to generate the first spark of “sexual feelings” in her by TAKING CONTROL of the situation right now.


By making sure YOU’RE the one to “end” this date.

By being the one who says, “Okay, I think we’d better be going.”

This immediately creates intrigue in her.

It builds feelings in her that you might actually be a sexual partner, instead of a “wussy-boy” who’s scared to cut short any opportunity to talk to a woman…

…then inevitably blow everything by saying something stupid.

Okay, now that you’ve taken control by “ending” this date, next you need to walk her home…

To YOUR home.

Invite her back to your house or apartment, and DO JUST ONE THING at the door before you go inside:

Start talking to her like she’s trying to convince you to let her come in (even if she’s not).

Say something like: “Sorry… I had a great time, but I have to get up early in the morning…”

She’ll probably stare at you in surprise. So wait a few beats. Then say: “Oh, okay, you can come in for a few minutes.”

Then open the door for her like a GENTLEMAN.

Now let’s freeze-frame right here, and think about what you’re actually doing…

You’re being chivalrous AND busting her balls at the same time.


I can’t emphasize enough how well this works to ramp-up feelings of sexual desire in a woman.

I *always* make sure to keep both of these feelings going at the same time.

I open doors for women, walk on the outside of the curb, and pull chairs out, etc.

But I also tease and use what I call “Cocky Comedy” at every opportunity.

This is crucial. More about all that here:

But here’s the bottom line:

By being both CHIVALROUS *and* BUSTING HER BALLS, you’re creating incredible SEXUAL TENSION inside her.

You’re showing her two things at once…

That you’re BOTH a “bad boy” AND a “gentlemen.”

And make no mistake: this is the HOLY GRAIL when it comes to what women want in a SEXUAL PARTNER.

Learn it. Live it.

Okay, let’s un-freeze and continue…

Next, just walk in, and let her follow.

Now you’re in the house.


Take her for a casual tour, then sit her down somewhere comfortable.

Doesn’t really matter where… sofa’s good, bed is even better… but wherever you wind up is fine.

Then here’s the next move:


“Whu? Huh?” I hear you asking.

What I mean is, get quiet and let HER do the talking while you just look at her.

Then, while she’s doing it, lean away from her, and look away. As if you’re thinking about something.

Then just reach over and stroke her hair.

Just a little, at the bottom, while she’s talking.

Okay — now let’s pause again, because this is a key moment.

The whole ball game, really.

If she’s okay with your doing with this, you can take it as a SURE SIGN that she’s into you… and things are wide open to take things to the next level physically.

This is a CRUCIAL, and a piece of the puzzle that it took me a long time to figure out how to solve.

I used to do massages and all kinds of other stuff, but I quickly learned from “the naturals” — the masters of women and dating — that NOTHING works as well as stroking a woman’s hair like this.

The fact is, if a woman doesn’t pull away from you (or give you some other sign she’s not into it), she’s going to be making out with you in very short order, period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a woman does pull away, or in any way shows you she’s not interested in getting physical at this point, STOP. Move on. This isn’t about forcing anyone to do anything.

Sheesh, did I really have to tell you that?

Anyway. Onward…

At this point, if she’s letting you stroke her hair in this way, you should take things up just one small notch.

Try a light hand massage.

Maybe a little neck rub.

Definitely try to pull her in closer.

Start to “cuddle” with her.

Sniff her hair more and more while you continue to stroke it.

Within about 5 or 10 minutes, move to her neck and ears.

Listen up… NO KISSING at this point.

No touching or groping at all.


Just continue with the smelling, leaning back and showing that you’re completely into it.

Like it’s relaxing you.

Keep this going and I GUARANTEE IT:

She’ll soon become so turned on that you won’t believe it. And at some point soon… SHE’S going to be the one who tries to KISS YOU.

And that’s what you should be waiting for.

Let her lips get close to yours… even let them touch yours a bit…

… then (surprise) back off and just keep smelling.

Say something teasing like, “Oh, you’re kind of forward, aren’t you?”

It’ll drive her CRAZY.

After a few more moments, finally kiss her back, full-on.

Run your hands through her hair… the whole romantic kiss thing…


See what’s happening here?

This kind of teasing is EXTREMELY stimulating to women… almost to the point that they’ll be in actual pain if you leave them hanging.

But we both know you won’t….

But until then, be PATIENT. Hold out until the woman can’t stand it anymore.

You’re REALLY waiting for her to start doing something sexual… maybe grinding her hips on you… or grabbing your butt… whatever.

Now listen close, this is KEY…

At this point, SHE’S going to become the aggressor. So you’ll say something like:

“All you have to do is say PLEASE.”

Maybe she’ll then say, “No no no… I’m not going to beg you…”

You just say, “OK”. Then roll over or just lay back and look up… but look AWAY from her.

This will make the woman begin to wonder what the heck is going on here.

Her interest and desire will be on fire.

She’ll come over and start cuddling and kissing you to get things going again.

And you’ll keep on with the sensual kissing, breathing in her ears… all that good stuff.

When she’s so worked up that you can hear her breathing faster and her heart pounding, you’ll say it again:

“All you have to do is say PLEASE.”

OK, you get the idea.

If you need help on what to do after this step, it’s tragic. I recommend you go buy a book. Maybe the Kama Sutra or something.

My point is, the key to getting physical woman FAST is all about ramping up SEXUAL TENSION.

If you’d like to learn incredibly FAST AND EASY WAYS more way to do it, I’m ready to help…

My legendary “SEXUAL COMMUNICATION” program is a home-study course designed to teach you 100% OF WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about driving women so wild with desire, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for them *not* to get physical with you!

Here are just a few of the SUCCESS-PROVEN TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES you’ll get in the program:

–What you MUST say and do to get a woman to come back to your house — and stay as long as you want her to!

–Step-by-step processes for taking her from “Hello” to the bedroom… FAST.

–Word-for-word “Power Lines” that create OVERWHELMING SEXUAL AROUSAL the moment a woman hears them.

–An irresistible “primal” technique stolen from nature that gives women an INSTANT, UNCONTROLLABLE JOLT of sexual excitement… and gets them ADDICTED to you!

Plus a whole lot more.

Pretty amazing stuff, but let me be frank…

If you’re one of those guys who has no problem turning “friendly chats” with women into mind- blowing SEX, then this program isn’t for you.

But… if you’re looking for the fool-proof tools you need to make sure you never go home “alone and frustrated” again… this program will simply CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

In fact, I’m so sure of it, if it doesn’t happen for you FAST, I’m going to send your money back, no questions asked.

Sound good?

Then let’s do it…

Just click here for details:

And be sure to send me your stories of your new, off-the-hook sexual success!

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

PS: Did you know there are 19 qualities that EVERY woman looks for in a man to “test” if he might be her next sexual partner?

Fascinating, but here’s what YOU need to know right NOW:

There are also specific, WORD-FOR-WORD things you can say to ANY woman that IMMEDIATELY prove to her that you’re her SEXUAL MATCH.

In fact, say just 2 or 3 of these things to her and you’re “in”…

Learn what they are right here:

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