==>> 1 Of A Kind Fitness Continuity System Brings The Dough

1) Motivation
2) Accountability
3) Great Guidance

Before I tell you about the MAG Factor, stop and think back to all the years you REALLY believed your New Year’s resolutions to get in the best shape of your life.

… 2010…
… … 2009…

All those years you made serious resolutions but they didn’t materialize… Somewhere along the way – you lost direction and the resolution ended… Again.

Well, it’s not on your shoulders. You’re not to blame – because there’s a simple, but hidden, reason your hopes didn’t come true… There’s an elusive reason your plan didn’t unfold in the way you really wanted.

You were missing one or more of the 3 absolutely critical components:

1 – Motivation: without motivation your passion & enthusiasm fizzles out
2 – Accountability: without accountability you lose focus & self-commitment
3 – Guidance: without guidance you can’t take the right actions at the right time

Until Now the User-Friendly Technology Didn’t Exist to Deliver What You Needed to Succeed But Now It’s Here and It’s At the Touch of Your Fingers… Literally.

The days of being tied to just a DVD player or just an ebook or just an online video are OVER.

Say hello to motivation on demand… accountability at the swipe of your finger… expert guidance at the touch of a screen, anywhere – anytime.

This is the powerful advantage you’ve needed all along…

MAG Factor delivers Motivation Accountability and Guidance on ANY device you want – or ALL of them if you wish…

And that’s just the beginning of why the MAG Factor keeps you laser-focused on your goals until they become your reality – yours to keep for the rest of your amazing life.

2013 is YOUR Year of Personal Success

The year you finally unlock your COMPLETE fitness potential and unveil the body you’ve dreamed of – the body that makes others stop and take notice…

Are you mentally prepared for everything that comes with a complete body makeover?

Because you’ll need to adjust to a new, strange, and better looking �YOU� staring back at you from the mirror.

You’re also going to get a lot of sweet attention from friends, family… even strangers.

When you’re walking around in your new rockin’ body you’re going to turn heads… literally. So be prepared. It’s a very special and empowering feeling. You’ll see…

But just wishing that �this year is going to be different� isn’t going to cut it.

Haven’t you said that before?

Right… So you what you need is to make a bold shift which FORCES 2013 to be different than all the years in the past.

Here’s How MAG Factor Will Give You the Power to OWN Your Fitness Goals in 2013 and Make Them Your NEW Reality for Life

NO more getting off track or distracted
NO more falling off the wagon or slacking off
NO more losing interest or getting bored

Because now you’ve got the MAG Factor and it’s even BETTER than having me as your personal trainer.

Let me show you why MAG Factor is so powerful for achieving your personal fitness goals – now and for good:

Never before have you been able to get my help in setting up your weekly workout schedule – all based on my methods, programs and training sessions.

You can simply sit back and let me do all the work and enjoy the never ending variety I send your way; without having to worry, or think about what you’re supposed to do.

Or you and I can work together – I’ll set up the schedules and you can tweak them and adjust them to personalize your training even further. Or – you can set your own weekly fitness planner exactly the way you want it – all from my step-by-step instructional videos which are waiting for you inside the MAG-Factor.

Your unique, short & powerful training sessions can be done at home, the office, a hotel room � or even in a gym, if you wish.

Got a question about your personal training sessions?

Need specific insights about your nutrition, foods and meals?

Perfect. You’ll love MAG Factor because this is the first time you’ve ever been able to get direct coaching and guidance from me in this type of program.

In fact, if you’re on the other side of the world or if you’re awake at 3am and your mind is spinning with a question you want to ask me right away just pop into the private MAG Factor forum and post your question.

You might get an answer from one of the many helpful MAG Factor women in the community…

OR I’ll use the questions I get in the MAG Factor forum to create my weekly coaching call content. Or I might answer it right there and then.

I love food and I hope you do too…

Because we routinely add recipes and meal ideas to the MAG Factor, which you can add to your weekly planner.

In fact, if you can click a mouse you can set up your week’s meal plan in seconds and you’ll never again wonder “what should I eat?”.

I’ve taken care of everything except cooking it up for you… (I tried to get my partner to figure out a way to get the MAG Factor to cook meals for you too, but we’ll leave that for a future version… lol.. just joking!)

But here’s the best part…

Waiting for you inside the MAG Factor Private Client Zone you can get a printable version of your shopping list for all of the meals you’ve clicked onto your planner.

Think we’re done? Not yet.

Because you can take MAG Factor with you to the store on your smart phone.

Are you starting to see how the MAG Factor has every facet of your fitness coordinated together and a natural part of your life?

And as a MAG Client you’ll have the opportunity to share your own meals and recipe ideas with other clients in the private forum.

No more guesswork… NONE.

Fitness Pros From All Over the World Are Giving the MAG Factor a Big Thumbs Up

We’ve had several top fitness pros and trainers test and evaluate the MAG-Factor. Here is one on them…

“If you have a chance to become a client of The MAG-Factor you should take it and never let it go… “

Belinda Benn

“The truth is, as a client of The MAG-Factor, you have the most critical things which most personal trainers cannot provide. You have a seamless system in the palm of your hands which essentially puts Joey and his best methods, right at your side 24/7. And because of this, your chances of personal fitness success are virtually guaranteed….”

– Belinda Benn
International Fitness Model
Aussie Transformation Coach
Creator of The Get Lean Program

But let me share something which is really exciting for you…

You’re one of the very first people ANYWHERE to see the MAG Factor.

So even though I’ve got dozens of case studies from OVER 23 years of helping clients like you, the word about the MAG Factor is just now starting to spread. Here’s a recent email from another super-satisfied client, Nicki:

OK, so, what does that mean for you?

When you join as a VIP Member you lock in the lowest monthly membership that anyone will EVER get.

More on that in just a bit…

Here’s What Happens Right After Your Join Us in MAG Factor as a VIP Client:

You login to your MAG Private Client Access Area and go through the short, focused interview questions and goal-setting I’ve set up for you. As you check-off your answers you realize this alone is something you’ve never done before – you sense this is going to be a very different experience with a very powerful outcome.

Right after you answer your interview questions and set your target goals – you finish adjusting the simple settings in your private client zone to be in sync with your global time zone and personal preferences.

You then watch a short personal video we’ve recorded for you to give you a quick orientation of your MAG personal fitness system – and to show you how easy it is to get around the site to access your main components…

Then – if you wish, we show you how to sync your program up with your smartphone, ipad, Blackberry, iphone, Android – or whichever device or devices you wish to access your MAG program on. Or you can simply login from one computer if that’s what you prefer.

Fast and Noticeable Progress with Definite Results

A few weeks go by and you realize you’re making fast and noticeable progress – definite results which are surprising you and the people around you. You get even more encouraged and energized – naturally, you keep with it and a few months go by quite quickly…

Now – you’re feeling like your body is changing significantly.

What you see in the mirror each day is almost unreal – but the truth is undeniable. You’ve made awesome progress toward your personal goals – but, surprisingly, other positive things are happening too..

You’re sleeping better each night. And because of this you’re waking up well-rested each morning; loaded with incredible energy and stamina all day – Not just physically but also mentally…

All-Time Highs for Your Self-esteem, Confidence, Attitude and MAGNETISM

Your self-esteem and self confidence are at all time highs. Not only do you feel in control of yourself – but your enhanced self-image comes out through your positive attitude and personality. People sense this and are friendlier toward you – and more attracted to you…

Your skin looks better – not just on your body, but also your face. It looks smoother, tighter and even younger.

Your moods are better – much more positive, more often.

Your issues with food have shifted in a very welcome way. You don’t crave unhealthy body-wrecking foods any more.

Your appetite and metabolism are in sync with your goals and nutrient demands. You enjoy your new selection of healthy but realistic foods – and trashy junk foods make you sick and sluggish if you try to eat them now.

Performance Is Soaring At Work, In Your Hobbies and In the Bedroom

Your sex-life has reached incredible new heights and you feel like you’re unleashing a part of your libido which has been dormant for a very long and dull time.

Your close friends, family members and co-workers are coming to you for advice – because it’s hard to ignore you have found something which they have not – you are doing something which is working, and working extremely well.

In about 3 months you stop to think – seeing how incredibly far you’ve come…

And you realize how natural and automatic everything has been. It really hits you as you discover what you’ve been doing has been so easy that your success via the MAG System is virtually guaranteed because of what it does for you on a day to day basis…

It’s All Automatic Now – You Don’t Even Have to Think About It

Everything you are now doing has become a part of your subconscious where you don’t even have to think about it anymore. You are simply doing the things which are now a part of you and your lifestyle…

But why has this happened? HOW has this happened? What is different now as compared to all past failed attempts?

Here’s how it happened:

You implemented a unique system which easily blends into your life – to guide you through gradual but powerful adjustments which have led to stellar progress in your personal fitness and quality of life…

As you reflect – you start to understand something very critical, which is the difference maker. Here it is…

Failure Points of the Past Now Become Personal Rocket-Fuel for You

In the past, any of the following life events would have knocked you right off any fitness program you were attempting to follow:

– Unexpected interruptions in your common daily routine
– Going out of town for a business trip
– Traveling with your family for a vacation
– Visitors from out of town coming to stay with you
– Getting sick for 5 or 6 days
– Injuring yourself on the job or doing something silly
– Having to work overtime on a special project for 2 weeks
– A stressful experience such as a death in the family or divorce

But not anymore – not even close…

None of those things can derail your desires and your most meaningful personal goals – Because now, you know how to work around them. You have the exact strategies and tactics you need, 24/7 – in a natural system which guides you past these occasional events in life.

Look, let’s be realistic here: 98% of the time – life runs pretty smoothly. Sure, it may be busy, but it’s relatively smooth and predictable…

It’s that tricky and random 2% (the things I just listed above) which has the potential to spread you very thin and cause you to lose focus and direction… making you just want to quit and give up. But with MAG – you just won’t.

See, when you have something in your life which is stronger than all those things put-together – then you have the upper-hand, and those “2%” events actually become jet-fuel that propels you to even higher milestones in your personal quest to be at your best…

That’s right. The things which stopped you dead in your tracks in the past – are now sources of energy and inspiration which boost your positive progress and amazing results…

That can all be your reality and it all starts right now, right here for you. Here is what you have as a MAG-Factor VIP Client:

Become My VIP Client Today and You Get Extra “Goodies” Included Free That Others Will Have to Pay for Later

Bonus #1: ALL of My Top DVDs Included and Waiting For You in Your VIP Private Client Area

Bonus #2: You get 3 Sweet Bonus Training Session Videos from the ‘Playground Hard-Body Program’ we recently shot in Pahia and Auckland, New Zealand

  • 1 – Outdoor Body-Weight Cardio
  • 2 – Park-Bench Stretching for Flexibility
  • 3 – Smoking Shoulders with Bands and Body-Weight

Bonus #3: Erase Distractions and Energy Vampires with My “Laser Focus” Audio Interview:

This Motivation Session is waiting for you in your VIP Client Area…

I did this session with “Aussie Transformation Coach” Belinda Benn and “America’s Optimism Coach” Lucy Beal.

Belinda is an international fitness model who has overcome her own struggles with focus and motivation and accountability. In this interview she shares insights from her journey.

Lucy Beal is a National Certified Counselor and a Certified Food Psychology Coach. She has insights into the mental game of nutrition and managing your habits and lifestyle.

  • The simplest and most powerful secrets to overcoming life’s common obstacles
  • Where to tap into �invisible� sources of motivation to stay on track with your goals
  • A powerful, but rarely used, mind-trick to reverse negative situations into positive ones
  • How to generate personal energy & emotional fuel from regular setbacks and life challenge

Bonus #4: Motivation Kick-Off Coaching Call “Turning the Tables: 2013 and Beyond”

Joey Atlas bw Headshot

Joey Atlas; Co-Creator – The MAG-Factor

  • The Best Way to Leverage The MAG Factor to Squeeze the Maximum Benefits Out of It
  • How to Blow Past the 1 Biggest Obstacle Holding You Back Right Now to Ignite Your Results and Progress
  • What to do In the Next Few Days and Weeks to Guarantee This Year Sets the Amazing Tone for the Rest of Your Life

You’re going to love this coaching session as it will strengthen your mindset and your enthusiasm… You’ll want to listen to it more than once – you’ll see…

Bonus #5: VIP Discounts on all future Joey Atlas programs (I’ve Never Offered This Before)

As an exclusive VIP MAG Client you get the “Red Carpet” treatment like never before.

You’ll have access to private discounts, deals, and sometimes even early “jump the line” access on future Joey Atlas programs.

And 2012 is going to be a super productive year for me so you can expect to use your special VIP discounts many times in the coming months.

Bonus #6: Your Low Price is Locked Forever as a VIP “Charter Member”

There are only two ways you’re here right now before the rest of the world hears about the MAG Factor.

1- You’re one of my top clients
2- You were invited by one of my top clients

In either case you’re getting a price lock guarantee which I can’t guarantee for very long. I’m not saying when price will jump… but it will.

Your input and encouragement pushed me to build the MAG Factor to deliver even MORE than I could give you if you hired me as your personal trainer (and I’m not available for hire, in-person, any more).

And so if you’ve been watching and reading my updates and you’re ready to jump in because you know the value I (over) deliver to my clients then I want to reward you for taking action right now.

That’s why your VIP Client Status that you lock in today can never go up.

Here are the details about your Charter VIP Client Membership:

Become My VIP Client Today and You Are Guaranteed The Lowest Rate – FOR LIFE. It will never be this low again – so this is your BEST CHANCE to Reach Your Ultimate Goals for Just Pennies a Day; Just 98-cents, to Be Exact :-)

Here is What You Get As My Private Client
When You Hire Me As Your Trainer for Life

It’s very important that you grab your client spot right now because I have only made this page available to my loyal clients, customers and newsletter subscribers – in order to give you early access at the VIP First Client Special ‘New-Year New-Chance’ rate… Then, in the next day or two, we are opening up The MAG-Factor to the public and our affiliates to fill the remaining private client spots, if there are any left by that time.

After this VIP Special ‘New-Year New-Chance’ Offer is over, the normal monthly rate for people to be a MAG Private Client is going up…

I can’t promise you what the price WILL be in the future or WHEN we’ll bump the price.

But this much I know.

When you join as a VIP MAG Client today you’re going to look back many months from now and not just have a new body and higher levels of fitness – but you’ll be VERY happy you jumped on board now.

Test Drive the MAG Factor VIP Members Area Today – You Have 60 Days to Change Your Mind

Your 100% Risk-Free “ATLAS” Guarantee of Dramatic Results

If you are not 100% blown away by the incredible results and improvements you are seeing in your body and feeling in your life; or if for some odd reason you just want to quit and get a refund, then simply send us an email within the first 8 weeks and you’ll get a prompt and friendly refund.

You’ll never be charged another dime…

That’s my promise to you,

– Joey Atlas
Co-Creator of The MAG-Factor

Start Your 7 Day Trial for Just $1
And Then Just $29.00 per Month – Cancel Any Time

Jack and I have decided to give all of my VIP’s (this includes you) a chance to try out the MAG Factor for a full week. All it takes is $1 to get started and then you’re locked in forever at the special-low price of only $29.00 per month. I value your loyalty and this is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all your support over the last 7 years…

And I know as you get dramatic results the people around you are going to want to know how you are doing it – and you’ll be able to let them know about me, your trainer – and The MAG Factor Fitness Coaching System.

By now you’ve seen that the MAG Factor fills in the missing pieces that have kept you from reaching your full fitness potential.

I’ve invited you to become a VIP Mag Factor and change your body and health in ways you’ve always dreamed.

I’ve offered you 6 awesome bonuses, plus a VIP Member low-price-lock at the lowest rate ever.

I’ve backed up the MAG Factor with a NO-RISK 100% guarantee.

And now the decision is completely in your hands.

Either you’ll join me and the supportive & positive women in the MAG Factor Movement – or you’ll go it alone. One or the other.

Either you’ll join the energizing and like-minded community of other committed and positive MAG Factor VIP clients or you’ll continue to let the chaos of life and the hundreds of little distractions hold you back and take your focus away – blocking you from success.

I wish I could make this decision for you but obviously I can’t – it’s completely up to you.

And it’s time to choose.

I hope you know I’ve done everything possible to make your choice as easy as possible. I want to help you – and this program is the best way for me to do that…

Join me on the inside and let’s work together. I thank you for this opportunity to be a part of the well-deserved change you’re about to experience.

Be bold. Be wise. Take Action.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Lifestyle Adjustment Coach

Joey Atlas bw Headshot

Joey Atlas; Co-Creator – The MAG-Factor

PS – Remember – what you are seeing right now is not going to be available much longer. This is a Special Offer to give you Lifetime VIP Client Status – where you get all upgrades and future versions of the MAG-Factor (Version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0) with no extra charges or additional member fees. You get to lock in today’s lowest rate – a rate that will never be offered again, once we open MAG to the public. And you get to keep that rate forever – as long as you remain a MAG-Factor VIP Private Client.

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Imagine this:

  • I am setting up your weekly fitness training schedule; unless you want to do it, or we can do it together. Your unique, short & powerful training sessions can be done at home, the office, a hotel room – or even in a gym, if you wish.
  • You can access your exercise videos, daily meal plan, progress MAGometer and private support forum from your computer, your web-enabled TV – or all your devices if you wish (laptop, ipad, Android, iphone, etc…).
  • If you wish, I will send you daily texts and emails, anywhere in the world, at the time of day you specify to fuel your motivation and remind you of the workouts you have on your schedule.
  • You get complete access to the online versions of all my best selling home, office and travel exercise DVDS, Plus we’ll be recording new ones for you each month.
  • Your private client area can be accessed anywhere in the world so you’ll never miss a step and you’ll be ‘connected’ 24/7. You’ll never lack the support and guidance you need.
  • All of your friends will be jealous of your new body, new energy and also because you get to say “I have an awesome personal trainer now…”
  • As a VIP Client, you’ll have the first opportunity to introduce the MAG-Factor Corporate Fitness Program version to the company you work for (or own yourself), when we release it in mid 2013
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a male of female. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an Extreme Beginner or an Extreme Fitness Warrior – The MAG System is a flexible and customizable program to match your needs and goals…